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October 31, 2017 by gigrove

Our story

Gigrove is powering companies and people from all around the world looking to find remote work.

Global mission

Gigrove accelerates companies and workers globally by providing modern infrastructure for hiring remotely. We are being a middleman between companies that are looking to hire remotely and workers who are looking to find remote job.  It’s what we do best.

For candidates.

We help international candidates find remote work, connect with companies & choose specific compensation.

For companies.

With intelligent design of our platform, companies are easily able to use variety of services in order to hire international workforce. Gigrove is the ultimate place for hiring remote workers.


When Gigrove’s founder Marko Islamovic couldn’t find job opportunity in his location, he faced frustrating situation facing many: he couldn’t find a solution to find remote work. Without citizenship or a visa, he was denied on most job applications from companies in another countries.

Founding of Gigrove

Out of his painful experience, Gigrove was born in London, in the September, 2015. A platform designed for connecting international candidates and startups hiring remotely.

Today, people & companies from all around the world are using Gigrove as a hiring tool.


Few months later, people are writing reviews and Gigrove is taking internet by the storm.


Developing future of work.

In 2017, Gigrove found remote jobs for over 5000 people from around the world. These jobs are ranging from software development to the design and so on. We continually develop and improve our tools for remote work and setting the standards for the future of work.

Presence in more than 130 countries.

We understand global hiring markets very well and only within two years we created a noticeable presence in the hiring space, accommodating thousands of companies on our platform.


Our headquarters

120 High Road East Finchley, London, England, United Kingdom, N2 9ED


Our support

Contact us for sales or press inquiries here: support@