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Enable your clients to book reservations, appointments or rentals on their own through your web store. Save time and fill up the calendar by letting Bookable services tool from Gigrove do the work for you.


Select “Bookable product” in the Add new product form. Depending on whether your service has resources or persons, you can select them. For an example, selecting “Has persons” is great option of managing the number of participants that can book your service for a given period.

Set up booking confirmations and allow yourself a time to review a booking made by the client before accepting it. Reminders  will be sent out automatically to clients via email to reduce no-shows, and you are also able set whether  the bookings can be cancelled from the client’s portal.

On your dashboard, by going to Appointments -> Bookings List, you’ll be able to see a list of the available bookings that your clients have made. Within few clicks you can accept or reject booking:


Set up the prices per booking block – which can be any time format – date, hour, minute, week.

Have a pretty calendar overview over your booking for given time period:

If your services are online, your availability will be automatically displayed in the customer’s time zone so can book the exact time. Whether bookings come from San Francisco, London or Sydney, they’ll be within the exact time you set, so no surprises for your clients.