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Notification emails are sent when a new order is being placed, or an order being fulfilled. They are sent to your customers. With Gigrove, you can customize your email notification setting by adding the name of your business or changing the color scheme.

To edit your Email Settings:

  1. Log in to your Gigrove dashboard.
  2. Visit “Shop Settings” page.
  3. Open the “Email Settings” tab.

In the “From name” field – you can define the name of the senders that your customers will see when they make an order within your store.

In the “From email” field – you can define the email address from where the email is being sent – and where your customer can reply-to.

Primary color and Background color are the color scheme setting of your email template. You can pick the colors that match your brand.

Once you are done editing your email settings, you can preview the template by clicking on the “Save”.