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  4. Import items to your Gigrove store via .csv file

Gigrove enables you to import products with a .csv file. This comes handy if you are importing products from other e-commerce providers or simply if you want to build a spreadsheet of products. Importing products is easy.


  • Go to “My Items” page.
  • Click on the “Items Import” icon:


  • Prepare your .csv file. You can download a template to help you get started. When preparing the file, we recommend adding no more than 50 products to your file, to avoid any mishaps, in the case that the file is corrupted in any way.

On the next, page you will be presented with the upload screen:



You can add the .csv file you’ve previously prepared in the “Choose a csv file” field. Once ready, click on Continue. You will be guided through the step-by-step wizard for upload.

We’ve also added a video walkthrough for this process, which you can follow.