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Offering subscriptions lets you sell products or services on a recurring basis. Depending on the subscription options you offer, your customers can choose to pay an agreed price for your product in a scheduled frequency. With Subscriptions from Gigrove, you can offer subscriptions on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

To create a subscription item:

  1. Go to “Add new item” page.
  2. Select “Subscriptions” from the item type list.

You will see a form which will allow you to set a recurring interval:

You can set a Sign-Up fee, which will act as the additional charge for starting of the subscription period.

Free Trial field allows you to set a test period, before the credit card gets charged.

In the Subscription price field, you can set the price and interval when the customer will be charged. For an example, if we set the price of “$9.99” and add the interval of “Every” and “Month”, the customer will be charged this cost on the monthly bases.

You can also optionally choose when you want the subscription to expire in the “Expire after” field.

Next, we want to add a payment gateway. In the “Payment Gateway” field, select “Credit Card (Gigrove)”:

Once you are finished editing your subscription item, click on “Submit”.

Subscription payouts

In order to receive payouts for your subscription charges, you need to have an active PayPal account. Payouts for your subscriptions are done after 10-day clearing period, for each order. Minimum balance required for a payout is $100 or an equivalent in any other available currency.

Please add your PayPal email address in the “Shop Settings” -> “PayPal”.

Please note, we may require verification of your identity at any time.

Manage subscriptions

You can find the list and manage any individual subscriptions on the “Subscriptions” page in your Gigrove dashboard:

Subscriptions on Gigrove have 4 statutes: Active, Cancelled, On Hold and Expired.

You can set change the status in the “Subscription status” field. If you would like to manually change the charge interval for any active subscriptions, you can do so by setting the new recurring interval on the “Billing Schedule” tab.

Customer management side

Your customers will be able to manage any of their activate subscriptions by logging in to their dashboard. From there, they can follow subscription status, renew any subscriptions on hold or cancel any active subscriptions:

When purchasing subscriptions from you, customers are presented with a subscription information at the checkout:

With Subscriptions from Gigrove, you can start accept recurring payments for your products and services within few minutes.