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Tabs Manager helps you to add professional, informative tabs on your gig page – and present any additional content about your service or a product in a polished way. The tabs are added per-item level, meaning that each item’s page can have a unique set of custom tabs. You can use separate tabs to display embedded information, such as videos, images, text and more.

Here’s how to add custom tabs to your gigs:

  1. Create a new item by going to the “Add new item” link from your Gigrove dashboard.
  2. Fill out the service/product information, add price, images and more.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom section and look for “Tabs Manager”:

Select: “Override default tab layout”:

You are now able to add custom tabs, by click on “Add” button:

The new section with a field to insert custom content will open up. Custom tabs can be used to add embedded code:

As well, a custom tab with additional text:

Once you are finished adding custom tabs, click on “Submit”. The changes will reflect on the frontend of your item’s page:

Custom tabs will help you to tell your clients more about on how awesome are your products and services – and with Tabs Manager, that is easy and quick.