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The License Key Manager enables you to easily sell and manage all of your digital license keys. Some of the main features include:

  • Manage the status of your license keys
  • Automatically sell and deliver license keys
  • Automatically manage the stock for licensed products
  • Add and import license keys and assign them to items
  • Import license keys by file upload
  • Create license key generators with custom parameters
  • To assign a generator to items, the generator will then automatically create a license key whenever the item is sold.

How to manage and sell your license keys

  • To see the list of all your license keys, please visit “License Keys” page from your Gigrove dashboard.
  • To import keys by file upload, please prepare a .csv file with the list of keys, log in to your Gigrove account and upload them in this form. Make sure to include the item’s link in the form, so that you can attach your keys to that particular item.
  • To manage the status of your license keys, click on the “Edit” icon, at the  license key page. You can change the status in the popup:
  •  License key generator will automatically generate unique code(s) upon the purchase from each customer. To create a generator and then to assign it to the item: Please visit License Generator page, then click on “Add New Generator”. In the popup, you can define parameters for this particular generator:
  • Once you are ready filling out parameters, click on “Submit”. Next, we want to assign this parameter to the item – so that the generator can send the license code upon purchase from the customer. Go to “Add new item” page, then scroll down to “License Manager” tab:

Here you can define the quantity of licenses you want to sell with each purchase, as well as to define which generator, which you’ve previously created, will be used to generate codes upon the purchase from each customer. Once you are finished editing the item, please click on “Submit”. Your license key generator is now ready.