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Pay your international workforce cheaply, simply and easily.

Save on transfer fees by paying all your overseas employees, freelancers and contractors via TransferWise.

When you pay an international freelancer through your bank or PayPal, they usually charge you a sizeable fee for converting the money to a different currency. Or, if they don’t charge a fee for that, they might convert the money with a marked-up exchange rate – which is like a hidden fee. Either way, you end up paying extra to send your freelancer their money.

TransferWise solves this issue.They always convert your money at the real exchange rate, and charge one low, upfront fee. So your freelancer gets the same amount of money, but you spend less to get it to them. If you manage multiple freelancers all over the world, you can easily pay them with just the one file upload. And if you want to pay someone while you’re on the go, you can do that with the TransferWise app. Businesses can also use the TransferWise multi currency account to keep up to 28 currencies for free and set up instant account details for the UK, Eurozone, US and Australia so you can store and convert money at the real exchange rate.

Send payments worldwide

TransferWise is available in +50 countries. You can use the money stored in your borderless multi-currency account that holds up to 28 currencies to pay out to your international freelancers at the real exchange rate.

Real savings for your business

With TransferWise’s connection of local banks, it can be up to 8 times cheaper to transfer money internationally than via the bank. For example, if you’re based in the US, but you need to make a €2000 payment to a freelancer in the Eurozone, you’d pay about $23 for the conversion with TransferWise. But if you made the same transaction through a bank, you’d pay around $124 for the conversion.

Multiple payments

With TransferWise’s batch payments tool, you can settle all your international and domestic payouts in a single click. It lets you make up to 1,000 payments at once through a simple CSV file upload, and you get TransferWise’s bank-busting real exchange rate on every payment.

  • TransferWise can deliver 95% of payments to Europe, India and Nigeria by the end of the next business day. Payments to the US, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, the Philippines and more arrive within 2-3 business days.
  • Avoid the hassle of collecting bank account details by sending payments directly to your freelancers via email. An email will be sent to your recipient with instructions on how to get paid via TransferWise. A lot less admin on your side.
  • TransferWise is regulated by the FCA in the UK and FinCEN in the US, so your money is always kept safe and protected.

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Variety of options to fund your payment

You can load money for the payment with debit card, credit card or via bank transfer. Afterwards, getting money to the recipient is taken care of by TransferWise. Sit back and relax.