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The international payment solution for freelancers

Keep more of the money you make when working with international clients. With TransferWise, you can save up to 12x more on international transaction fees than you would with your bank or PayPal.

The problem with international payments: They are often unfair and complicated.

When a client pays you in a foreign currency, banks and services
like PayPal can take a percentage of your earnings as a fee.
Then they can charge you even more to convert the money to
your local currency. And they usually give you an unfriendly
exchange rate. Those costs can really add up.

TransferWise - The freelancer-friendly solution for international payments

TransferWise is different. They always convert your money with the real mid-market exchange rate, and charge one low, upfront fee. And with a TransferWise borderless account, clients can pay you in British pounds, American dollars, Euros, or Australian dollars free of charge.

Get paid for free!

A global account for your remote work.

TransferWise built a multi-currency account to make it easier and cheaper to do business around the world. It gives you British, Eurozone, US and Australian bank details, which let you pay and get paid like a local. For instance, you get a UK sort code and account number, which anyone in the UK can use to send you pounds. You can then convert your money at the real exchange rate, avoiding any receiving fees. For freelancers and small business owners, it’s like having an account in those countries without ever setting foot in them.

28 currencies. Endless possibilities.

You can hold up to 28 currencies in the account and switch money between them whenever you feel like it. You pay a small fee when you switch or withdraw money, but since TranserWise always gives you the mid-market exchange rate, you still keep much more of your money than you would with PayPal.

No setup fees, no monthly fees, and no
receiving fees. Pricing how it should be.

Subscription$0/moNo monthly account fees and no set up cost when you get started.
Add money$0/transferTop up your Borderless account for free via bank transfer. No extra cost for adding new currencies.
Receiving fees$0/transferNo receiving fees when you get paid internationally. You receive the exact amount you expect.
Free bank details$0/moNo extra cost to get your local bank details.
Converting moneyLow and transparent fees, no hidden cost. You always get the real exchange rate.
TransferWise Fee
Withdraw to your bankSmall, fixed fee charge passed on to you.
Low, fixed fee