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A clear understanding of the location and function of acupoints is crucial for acupuncturists as well as shiatsu practitioners, massage therapists, and other bodyworkers. In this exceptionally well-illustrated, user-friendly manual, Chris Jarmey and Ilaira Bouratinos provide comprehensive and up-to-date information for anyone utilizing acupoints in their therapeutic work.

Offering unparalleled detail that goes far beyond what is currently available, A Practical Guide to Acupoints gives specialists the information required for practicing with greater understanding and confidence. This unique book contains not only essential information on the anatomical locations of points and the applicable acupuncture techniques. It describes other pertinent methods of treatment and delineates larger areas where the points can be activated by manual pressure, guasha, magnet therapy, moxibustion and cupping.

A Practical Guide to Acupoints presents a wealth of carefully researched information and a wide range of approaches to the treatment of acupoints. It forms a complete guide that is equally valuable to students and practitioners.

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