A Priest Needs A Home!

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This book presents a short but intense spiritual profile of Toni Weber, a Swiss priest who after graduating “summa cum laude” from the Gregorian University in Rome, served as professor in the regional seminary of Northeastern Brazil, then as assistant parish priest in Zug, in his native Switzerland, and finally, as director of the Priests’ School of the Focolare Movement, first at Frascati, near Rome, and then at Tagaytay, in the Philippines.

Toni Weber was struck down by cancer at the age of 55. Some excerpts from his diary, meditations, conferences and articles complete the picture of this learned, enlightened and modern priest who dedicated his whole life to building a fraternal communion among priests of all continents through the spirituality of unity.

Silvano Cola is an Italian priest and Patristic scholar, the author of a number of biographies and theological essays. He is the main director of the Priests’ Movement, a branch of the Focolare Movement.

Enrique Cambón is an Argentine priest who has published several theological studies and is one of the closest collaborators of Fr. Cola.

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