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Includes all 24 Songs from the DOWNLOADS

 My Grandma Snores Like a Dinosaur:  Inspired by a quick-witted primary student that one day blurted out “My Grandma Snores Like a Dinosaur”, this memorable song was selected as a semi-finalist in the prestigious International Songwriting Competition.  With its humorous lyrics, smooth and catchy guitar riffs, and of course loud and abrupt snores, this song is hard to fall to sleep to while listening to it!

Primary Colours:  Painting and colouring by combining the three primary colours together provides an artist with many more delightful shades of colour to communicate their feelings with art.  Putting the colours into music describing the three primary colours is like adding a wonderful smile to an already warm relationship.  

Drop Your Phone:  Selected as a FINALIST in the International Songwriting Competition, Drop Your Phone encourages us to
reflect upon the amount of time we are spending on our phone and the consequences of this lost time.  Using a dramatic and course Italian vocal, the song presents a thoughtful reflective piece for us to all consider. 

Plane Ride:  A little girl’s perspective of her first plane ride can be quite exciting, scary, and of course filled with some anxious times, until she lands.  Recognized as a semi-finalist in International Songwriting Competition, this tune includes a wonderful flowing flute solo.

Theme Song for Ty the T-REX:  Thumping into the song with some big loud dinosaur steps from the bass guitar, Ty the T-REX and his friends describe their environmentally friendly, fossil-free energized Dino City town to the listeners.  Oh how life was great for them all…. until the big freeze! 

Wish Wish I Was a Fish:  Selected as a FINALIST in the International Songwriting Competition, this rocking guitar heavy tune
describes how a little raptor is terrified to learn to swim, but really wants to learn so he can be like his friends who swim like a fish.  With some super support from a special friend, Rudy overcomes his fears and learns to swim, just like his friends.

 Going to the Park:  Ty the T-REX’s first recorded song that went with a children’s book about how Ty and his friends love going to the park to play and then have a barbeque.  With some sweet melodic trumpet playing and country song feel, this song will have want to get up and go to your local park to play.

Finders Keepers:  An acoustic guitar arrangement which has been recognized as a semi-finalist in the international songwriting competition, Finders Keepers is about a gruff voiced character who finds the perfect hat that he always wanted, then realizes the true owner wants it back.  Yes, it can be tough to do the right thing in life, like take things to the lost and found, even though you would like to keep the item.

Enough of the Rough:  A few of us like to win or have things go our way all the time.  When things don’t go our way we
sometimes can do very mischievous things like play dirty or even cheat.  This rough and tumble song with a gritty guitar riff
reminds us all that others, especially our friends, don’t appreciate those type of negative interactions when we are playing or doing things together.

 I Like to Do the Things I Like:  Individuality and independence meeting good friends and cooperation through the upbeat
genre of jazz.  With some mean and clean trumpet playing this song will sure to inspire you to look beyond yourself when engaging in life.    Yes, others say it has a beat as it was a semi-finalist in the prestigious international songwriting competition.

 School School:  Opening with an awesome guitar riff, School School is about the anxiety some young children experience when they have to begin school at such a young age.  That first day, week, month or beyond can being quite trying for little ones and their parents, and this song is intended to support them in understanding that it will be okay.

 You Are What You Eat:  A thoughtful song about how food nutrition contributes to and is an important factor in making us physically and emotionally strong.  Using a children’s choir to support the singing and messaging, this lively song will encourage us all to reflect on what we put into our bodies every day.

Chompity Chomp Chomp:  A fast paced song that includes some sweet guitar riffs that is about making, cooking and eating pancakes with your favorite dinosaur friend Ty the T-REX.  After gorging yourself with pancakes, what better thing to do then to cuddle up with Ty and read a book – then back to making more pancakes when you get hungry soon again!

 Bath Time:  A fun-loving song encouraging imaginary play during bath time.  People tell us there is some awesome tuba playing in this tune, as well we should mention that this tune has been used in a number of TIC TOC videos. Finally this song was selected as a FINALIST in the International Songwriting Competition (ISC). 

Taking Tyme:  A fast-paced bluesy tune reminding us all to take time for our friends, and of course for ourselves too.  Listening and supporting friends is super important, but also remember that your friends can help you too, especially when the going gets
tough.   Yes, take time! 

Recycle Blue:  An environmentally friendly song encouraging all of us to take action in recycling our paper, glass, cardboard, tin and our other various product containers.  Acknowledge as a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition it includes some spectacular saxophone soloing.

Count with Me:  Many have deduced that math and music go together, and this is what this song does.  Recognized as a FINALIST in the International Songwriting Competition, this rhythmic and chromatically developed song uses a deep voice to bring to life our first 10 numbers in counting.

Safety Scout:  A disco driving tune, Safety Scout encourages friends, and perhaps parents, not to be that hovering helicopter when little ones are exploring and taking minimal risks.  This song acknowledges that safety is extremely important, but one has to take small calculated risks to learn and live.

Bagpipes:  Love them or hate them, the bagpipes do have a unique musical sound which can add an interesting twist to the overall composition of a tune.  But can you imagine an entire song about bagpipes?  Including some ragtime piano riffs and a Scottish accented singing voice, this is truly quite unique.

I Am Who I Am:  A FINALIST in the International Songwriting Competition, I Am Who I Am is a song about embracing
and accepting who you are on the outside, and understanding that others may or may not appreciate your appearance, but they should appreciate who you are on the inside. 

Zip Zoom:  A song that speaks to those that might be excitable and going perhaps a mile a minute that they don’t realize they could be irritating others being in their enthusiastic and thrilled state.  Using dynamic drumming this song is sure to
resonate with you, whether you are the frenzied one or not.    

Encourage:  A feel good toe-tapping accordion filled song that encourages everyone to have the courage to encourage others in trying new things and to succeed in their endeavours.  Played within the genre of bluegrass gospel, the vocals will push you to
encourage – hopefully!

Don’t Rush the Brush:  A be-bopping fast-paced tune that encourages all of us to take our time when we are brushing our
teeth.  Recognized as a semi-finalist selection in the International Songwriting Competition, this tune includes some wicked saxophone licks that will make you want to polish your chicks sparkling clean.  

Bow Ty Guy:  Using classic trombone along with sweetly serenading Bow Ty Guy, this song shares through singing all the fine reasons why everyone would want to wear a classic bow tie.  From polka dots to stripes, bow ties look great on everyone… and we mean everyone…. do you have a bowtie – if not, you should get one today 😉



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