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Candu is a drag-and-drop web component editor that helps non-devs build dynamic user experiences using your app’s style guide.
Create an effective UI in minutes with a drag-and-drop editor that uses your app’s styling to embed responsively.

Alternative to: Pendo and Appcues.

Reduce development costs and free up engineering capacity by empowering customer-facing teams to make in-product changes.

Best for: Product managers, UI designers, and customer and growth teams that want to make UI changes without learning code.


We are utilizing a shared Candu workspace.

Candu is unable to restrict access among users who share the same workspace, meaning until they allow admin’s to create sub-accounts each ‘seat’ has access to all the work created and published on this shared account.

Here is their response to our inquiry as to how long before this IMPERFECTION will be resolved:

“We are working on ways to limit this ability. Check out our feature request to set restrictions to seats: Here is a bit more information on user roles and abilities: I also want to mention that within Candu you can have unlimited workspaces for each domain you wish to build content, segments etc. So each user could potentially work within their own workspace.”


So with that all said and done: for $150 you can have SHARED access to Candu for life with unlimited workspaces, ie websites/domain/content building to grow your business.

Any invasion or tampering with another user’s workspace/content is grounds for immediate expulsion from the group.

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