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A flexible solution for your safe communication needs.
Best Cell Phone Radiation Blocker.

The Smart 5G Shield is designed to block harmful RF radiation from common sources such as 4G and 5G cellphones, tablets, laptops and any other electronic devices.

Radiation protection can be easy with the right solution for anti-radiation to protect you and your family, and frankly – that’s what we offer. Using the (S5G) anti-radiation “Smart Chip” can help reduce your exposure to harmful radiation that emits from your cellphone and other home electronic gadgets.

Recently, FCC unanimously voted to open nearly 11 GHz of high-frequency spectrum for mobile, flexible, and fixed-use wireless broadband for the 5G future. This includes fixed wireless solutions operating in mmWave spectrum, showcasing the new 5G radio technologies for increasing network capacity. The rise of 5G technology will usher in even more wireless devices, not only cellphones and tablets but smart appliances made for your home. All of this will be emitting harmful RF radiation.


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