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How do we move away from the simple formulaic approaches to treatments that have characterized a longstanding rationalist view of the body? How do we develop a treatment approach that doesn’t just address the health status of a small part of the body, but encompasses the structural, neurologic, and psycho-emotional aspects of a client’s complaints? How can we even begin to consider our treatment options from this perspective, when the cause of a seemingly isolated complaint is so multifaceted? Dynamic Body makes a bold leap into answering these questions by pulling together some of the top thought leaders in our profession. 

Lower Body Techniques

The powerful lower body system is the focus of this preeminent
myoskeletal textbook. With thorough integration of the latest research,
Dalton delves into the biomechanical structure and function of the lower
back, hips, legs and feet. Colorful, detailed illustrations and
explanations shed light on complex fascial anatomy and its impact on
functional movement. Manual therapy exercises and techniques expand on
this understanding of the interrelationship between anatomy, the brain,
and movement in the lower body.

Many experts contributed to this text, including Judith Aston, Serge
Gracovetsky, Robert Irvin, Gil Hedly, Jerry Hesch, Kai Hodeck, Craig
Liebenson, Thomas, Til Luchau, Aaron Mattes, Tom Myers, Aline Newton,
Divo G. Muller, Art Riggs, Robert Schleip, James Waslaski, and Adjo

  • Judith Aston
  • Serge Gracovetsky
  • Robert Irvin
  • Gil Hedley
  • Jerry Hesch
  • Kai Hodeck
  • Craig Liebenson
  • Thomas
  • Til Luchau
  • Aaron Mattes
  • Tom Myers
  • Aline Newton
  • Divo G. Muller
  • Art Riggs
  • Robert Schleip
  • James Waslaski
  • Adjo Zorn

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