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The Essential Self-Massage program is divided into 11 chapters which each address a different body part and its associated internal effects – this allows the flexibility to use the program for focused treatments or as a whole body program.

What really sets this video apart from the others is its production quality and the great wealth of included information.

EXTRA MATERIALS – In addition to the main chapters, we have added 5 extra short movies that provide a more detailed insight. For example, “Using moxa” explains how to use the heat treatment of acupressure points, which is very beneficial to many typical women’s health problems such as menstrual cramps or cold feet.

VOICE OVER AND TEXT – With support for four additional languages besides English (Spanish, French, German and Slovene), we recognize that many people learn better and are more relaxed when listening to videos in their own mother tongue. For each language, we used professional voice-over artists in professional studios. The result is clean, clear and informative instruction.

CINEMATOGRAPHY – Setting, lighting, and angles, like the script, have been carefully distilled so that the result clearly demonstrates the techniques yet maintains warmth and feeling not usually found in an instructional video.

MUSIC – Post-production Dolby digital sound, and image sharpening are all “Hollywood” standard. Audio tracks are further enhanced with an original score created for each section of each video. Like a good professional film, the music adds to the message without calling attention to itself.

Join me in a relaxed and informal massage-along style atmosphere. I believe you will be getting a resource which you can enjoy watching time and time again.

Why is self massage beneficial? What can acupressure do? – Well, self massage brings energy and health into one’s life and with acupressure you can proactively take care of your health.

You may choose to use it as a relaxing daily gift to your body, aid healing after an injury or to increase circulation. The skills you learn are portable – apply them when you really need it: at your desk, in an airplane, at a sporting event… For business people – you can use it as a calming preparation for important events such as meetings or public speeches.

“As you learn the art of self massage you also learn about yourself, about your body and how it works.”


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