February 2022 – Style E – Premium Custom Cover Deposit – $400

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With this package you will receive a stunning, highly-customized cover created entirely to your specifications. 

This style is perfect for you if:

  • You want a cover that will hold its own against the most gorgeous put out by traditional publishing houses without paying thousands of dollars.
  • You have a specific scene in your mind from your book and want to have a completely customized background to bring it to life.
  • You want a jaw dropping gown that’s customized specifically to your preferences. 
  • You want to use contemporary stock and have it transformed to historical.

Scroll down to see example covers in this style. Please be aware that some covers across styles may appear similar, but the covers shown have elements that match the package. For example, different levels of hand painting, mutli-compositied backgrounds, added detail such as patterns, advanced isolation of cutouts and lace, etc. If you have questions, please let me know. 

The total price for this cover is $400. $50 deposit is due now. Balance is due at the time the eBook is completed. 

Package includes:

  • High Resolution eBook cover
  • Paperback wrap in solid color, gradient, image, painted, or combination painted with image
  • Audiobook cover
  • Up to two eBook + Print model stock image from Period images or comparable site/cost (perfect for merging models from two stock photos)
  • Multi-image compositing (created from multiple images)
  • Unlimited background images from DepositPhotos
  • Professional photo retouching
  • Color grading & recoloring
  • Hair, head, clothing, and body swaps
  • Advanced deatial isolation and recoloring (cutting out lace, fringe, numerous small holes in images to see through to the images behind, etc)
  • Cover, spine and back of book typography design
  • Handpainted everything
  • Full-resolution artwork
  • eBook, paperback, smartphone, audiobook 3D mockups of your cover for for advertising
  • Six free teasers for social media (by request only)
  • Add on an exclusive image from my personal collection for $50
  • Add on commercial licensing for $100*
  • Up to 4 revision rounds
  • Exclusive cover reveal in The Ton & The Tartans or Upturned Petticoats & Undone Cravats Book Clubs on Facebook (by request only)
  • Exclusive author takeover event in The Ton & The Tartans AND Upturned Petticoats & Undone Cravats on Facebook (by request only)

*I’ve developed connections that enable me to provide you with affordable commercial licensing. Because of this, all images must be chosen by me. If you have a specific image that you want, the pricing would be subject to the cost of the license set by the seller. 

This option also requires use of one of the images from my exclusive shoots by Period Images (included with this style). You can also choose to have me purchase the image for you and add the cost of a license to your total or you can provide the image yourself.

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Use the calendar to navigate to an available date in the month that this booking is for (scroll up and look at the product title if you aren’t sure what month this one is for) and select the available date.

This booking may be completed at any time during the month you are booking. Delivery depends on the process and the number of revisions or requests but typically is about a week. Please anticipate a few days of flexixibility, especially if you are booking a more complicated cover.

If you have a firm date that you need your cover by, please email me at holly@theswoonies.com before booking. 


From: $50.00

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