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I am going forward with making MoonBook Grimoires and Planners. Moonbooks were a project that I started over 5 years ago when I fell in love with the idea of having a Magickal Tracker, Planner, & Grimoire that started anew each New Moon. It has evolved and became much more useful and elegant over the years and I’m so excited to have them back and even better than ever!


Some of the reasons I love to consecrate a new MoonBook every New Moon:


·      It’s a fresh start ever New Moon

·      It’s small and easily portable

·      It’s great for ADHD & other Neurodiverse folks that get overwhelmed by a whole year long planner at once

·      It has built-in sections to teach you about the moon and astrological phases

·      It guides you to create and follow your magickal practice

·      It keeps you hyper-focused on your Magick and Goals in short chunks of one Moon Cycle

·      The Moon Cycle is a natural rhythm for humans 

·      Since you add the calendar dates yourself, if you need to take a break from using them, you won’t have a big empty chunk in your planner

·      You can save and organize your previous MoonBooks but you only need to keep one small 6X9 spiral notebook at hand 

They are fun and cute and witchy all at the same time


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