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Welcome to the world’s smallest smoke device, perfect for Hypnotists and Magicians to use in their show “Nothing GEN3” the most popular smoke device ever.

The compact size does not limit the power of Nothing GEN3, we have upgraded the coil and the fan, maximizing the smoke output. Now you will have enough smoke for all situations.


Item will be shipped in 3-4 weeks
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The compact size of Nothing Gen3 allows you to create the miracle of smoke when- and wherever you want.
The perfect smoke device for your performance.
A Special formula of smoke oil provides a dense, thick, and harmless smoke.
We added a brand new interchangeable direction nozzle system, affording directional control of the smoke. Quality upgraded case and battery, providing a long-lasting life span for the device.
We provide all the accessories needed, so it can be used immediately.
Come and experience the magic of smoke.

Here is the Nothing Gen3.

The Power
The Size
The Smoke

  • powerful
  • compact
  • new nozzle system
  • improved durability
  • Special formula smoke
  • upgraded case and battery
  • Full set of accessories included

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