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Many of you have greatly enjoyed my earlier book Functional Assessment in Massage Therapy, and this one takes orthopedic assessment concepts for the massage therapist to a whole new level!

Here are some of the major changes for the new text:

  • Many new conditions and special orthopedic tests covered
  • Far more detailed information about all the pathological conditions covered
  • Over 400 new photographs and anatomical images
  • Outstanding anatomical graphics from MediClip and Primal Pictures
  • Additional explanation about the biomechanical function of each test so you can better understand them

Each condition follows the HOPRS format so when the condition is described you also have detailed information listed about:

H: What the client will say in the history

O: What you will see in observation

P: Any unique characteristics evident with palpation

R: Results from active movement, passive movement or manual resistive tests

S: Any special orthopedic tests used to identify the condition

*A new section under each condition called “Differential Evaluation” that describes other conditions that would have similar symptoms that should also be considered.

Book is in Good Condition, not easy to buy these days! P&P INCLUDED in THE PRICE

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