Othniel Mani – Sydney Acting Workshop

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Self Tape Workshop Curriculum

Learn how to recognize excellent monologues and how to create a practical audition atmosphere in this fast-paced workshop. It will be a scene-work-intensive training where participants will work on scenes in small groups with Othniel, who will provide critical input on how to nail your self-tapes. The focus of this session is learning how to select the appropriate audition piece and how to capture your skill on camera, including a comprehensive description of Camera Set up & Lighting, to impress casting directors with your final product.


First Hour – Introduction and Warm-up – Followed by Acting games to loosen actors up and get them into their bodies.

Second Hour – Monologue work – Breaking down a perfect scene/script for Self Tape Auditions

Third Hour – Camera & lighting Set up including Smartphones & DSLRs (And what to do if your resources are few – Not having a DSLR or Lighting gear)

Fourth Hour – Screen Test with Live Preview so students can watch the playback.  (Positioning, Lighting and editing tips for better quality)

Saturday 5th March (12.00 pm to 4.00 pm)


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