Pleasure Boost

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In this meditation, you will be invited into your body and awakening your own pleasure receptors.  So often, we have disconnected from the very thing that allows us to feel ALIVE. Our ability to feel pleasure with ourselves and with another human is the essence of a fruitful and fulfilling life. Our world is glistening with sensory beauties that, when we give ourselves time, we can enjoy them. Within our interactions with others, the ability to be fully present allows us to enjoy and reap pleasure beyond anything we could imagine. In this meditation, I invite you to feel, to become acutely aware of the beauty of self that is alive and well… right inside of YOU. 

-Stunning visualizations

-Supra and subliminal frequency induction

-Beautiful vocals from world class meditation author Christine Borschneck

-Binaural sound frequency at 43hz

-VR compliant

-Meditation length 13 minutes


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