PWA Mobile App – iOS/Andriod

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PWA Mobile App – iOS/Andriod

We create your own custom PWA Mobile App that customers can download and install on their phone.

We help you create your mobile app without the need to invest in
long and expensive app development. We provide Core Development, Quality
Assurance, App Launch, Maintenance, and App Marketing. 

Mobile App may serve as an extension of the service and tools that you
provide. A Mobile App will allow a Business to stay in touch with
customers and offer exclusive promotions and benefits directly on Mobile

Whether it is a Training Course, an eCommerce store or
VIP benefits, it’s important that a business stay in touch with their
customers to get higher user engagement and trust. 

Progressive Web App
We create
your own progressive web app (PWA) – PWAs are applications that behave
and look like native apps for seamless accessibility from mobile without
compromising functionality.

Customer installation
Through PWAs, you can bypass the app store process and send out your App directly to a customer using a single URL or QR code.

Users can install your home screen icon. 
You’ll be able to push user engagement that is accessible by users any time, anywhere.

  • Progressive Web App – deliver content straight to your user regardless of their operating device.
    ~ No need for iOs or Android approval
    ~ Deliver native tool functions and web content
    ~ Adds your homescreen icon on users phone
  • Whitelabel Branding – Designed with your Logo, images, colors and text as per your brand identity
  • Payment Integration
     ~ Monetize and keep 100% payment.
     ~ Accept online payments Stripe/Paypal
  • Multimedia content – accessible by users any time, anywhere.
    ~ Embed videos
    ~ Audio content
  • Gift Cards and Stamp Cards ( Additional setup required )
    ~ Track redemption and usage
    ~ Gift Cards with unique dollar values
    ~ Can be redeemed for personal use or as gifts for others
  • Push Notifications – Send notifications to user’s home screen.
  • Membership Area 
    ~ User receives instant access after payment
    ~ Sell membership content for monthly or yearly subscriptions
    ~ Keep 100% payment.
  • Form Builder – Receive information directly with a super-intuitive interface.
  • Appointment Booking – Add calendars that will accept single or multiple bookings per time slot.
  • Food Ordering ~ Ordering system can also be embedded on website
    ~ Users may place orders anytime, anywhere
    ~ User can choose time for Delivery or Pick-up
    ~ Setup menu into different categories
    ~ Users may customize a variety of sizes and options
    ~ Send confirmation and time when order will be ready
    ~ Receive 100% payment.

$30.00 / month with 1 month free trial and a $225.00 sign-up fee

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