The Keys To Being A Great Leader

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What makes a great leader? What are the traits of leadership? How can you become a leader?

These are some of the questions that are answered in this book. The author, Chris Shea, has multi-decade experience as a leader, serving in non-profit and government agencies in administrator and C-level executive positions. In this book, he shares the traits that a leader should have and how they come to possess those traits.

In essence, a leader is good at seeing the potential in people and pulling out the best in them. There’s not one cookie-cutter idea of leadership, and people with different personalities can be exceptional leaders.

This book is not just for business leaders, but also for those who are or want to be leaders in their community or religious congregation.

Check out the free companion white paper “The Forgotten Audience” by clicking here. If your internal content is crafted right, it can support mindfulness for business, or the in-the-moment eye on the present through a non-judgmental lens.


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