Upper and Lower Limbs (Volume 1) (Cunningham’s Manual of Practical Anatomy) BOOK -USED LIKE NEW

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These well-known and popular manuals appear in their fifteenth edition in an entirely new format.

The text has been redesigned to make it more accessible to the student, to highlight key terms, and to set the dissection guide apart from the main text. Illustrations have been revised, with many improvements and new additions. The text has been expanded to include more explanations and new material on embryology, organogenesis, and congenital malformations of clinical significance. New imaging and diagnostic techniques such as CT scanning are included as an introduction to the usefulness of these methods, and to help the reader appreciate the close packing of the body’s various structures.

The Manuals provide a complete textbook for medical students, a feature increasingly necessary as the time available for teaching anatomy is cut back, and the need for detailed anatomical information in many branches of clinical work increases.


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