How to use GigRove as a traveller

Guideline For Traveler's Assistance

GigRove is connecting you with startup hosts who are looking for your skills. By providing your service to the startup host, you can get a free stay at desirable destination.

Based on their own judgment, travelers and hosts are deciding what selection to make when selecting a startup host (service seeker) or a traveler (helper) and they are solely responsible for making an agreement. Both travelers and startup hosts have the freedom to cancel their service during the exchange, but, it is highly recommended to finish the agreement.

If the skilled traveler is not satisfied with startup host’s hospitality he should publish the review under the host’s listing stating why he was unsatisfied with host’s hospitality.

If the startup host is not satisfied with traveler’s assistance he should publish the review and the traveler’s profile stating why he was unsatisfied with traveler’s assistance.

Relationship With Startup Hosts

If you, a traveler and you get connected with a startup host and arranged a stay at his/her place, but you fail to show up without any notice to the host, your account will be suspended. Please, be fair and contact your startup host on time to let him/her know that you are not able to arrive.

You are responsible to provide services that you confirmed during negotiation with the host.

You are responsible to show identification in the form of passport or an ID, the the startup host, if startup host requires that.

Applying For a Trip Gig

To apply for a trip gig you need to send a message to startup host. In your message, introduce yourself with unique message and invite the host to check your profile. You can find the URL by visiting your profile.

Explain to the startup host why you should be a fit for his gig.

Contacting Startup Host

If you are interested to help a certain host, you are able to do so by visiting his/her listing.

Then, you have to click on mailbox icon under the listing owner and fill in you details. The communication between you and your host is done through our messaging system or via email.

If you are contacting several hosts, make sure to send unique messages to each one. There’s a limit on 10 messages per day that you can send.

In your message, introduce yourself with unique message and invite the host to check your profile. You can find the URL by visiting your profile.

Please be responsible and careful when contacting the hosts. They do not want spammers or any travelers who are misleading in any way.

Be yourself and feel free to contact hem.

If you are still wondering how to contact hosts please contact our support!

Reviews After Finishing Trip Gig

After finishing the exchange, both travelers and startup hosts are able to post a review at the traveler’s profile or at host’s listing. This will help future hosts and travelers when making an arrangement. Reviews should be honest, not containing inappropriate and offensive language. We may deserve the right to edit reviews if we find inappropriate language.

We are not responsible for the reviews, as they are completely, in maximum freedom, written by the users.

Posting Individual Reviews

After you finish an exchange with startup host, you should also leave a review in the user’s profile.

Go to

Each member of the community has a unique username, ask your host or traveler for a username.

Click on “Reviews” and leave your thoughts about startup host.

If you had some issues, please don’t use curse words.

I'm a Traveling Freelancer But I Also Want To Be Startup Host

You can also be a startup host by creating your listing. If you signed up as a traveller, hover over your avatar in the menu and you will see an option “Request a Service”.. After you complete the listing form, it will be assigned to you and you should begin to receive the offers from travellers.

How To Report Violations

Although GigRove is not responsible for the relations and outcomes that could happen between hosts and travelers,  both hosts and travelers are able to send an electronic report to GigRove considering the abuse of previously negotiated arrangement. If criminal act happened, please report it to the local police. Remember that you are using GigRove on your own responsibility.

We have the right, when we have enough evidence, to terminate user’s access to the website if we think that the user was misleading.

GigRove cannot be held responsible for any acts or actions that occur between any member (host or helper) or any third party including any associate of a Host or Traveler.

However, you should contact us whenever you are experiencing an issue and we will try to solve it.

Traveler Profile

You have to complete your profile before connecting with hosts.

Tell the community about your skills and biography. Upload some nice avatar.