We want to bring better experience to all of our users by verifying identities. The purpose of verification is simple: Authenticity and better security. By verifying your identity, we are creating a better environment for everybody in the community. Once you get verified you will get a FireShot Capture 354 - Patrick Thompson I GigRove Profile - https___gigrove.com_user_patrickthom_check sign on your profile.

There are 4 steps in order to verify your identity:

1) Complete your profile. Make sure to upload a profile photo.

2) Click on “Request Verification”. (This link is available on your profile)

3) Make sure that name on your profile matches the name from your ID.

4) Upload your ID or Passport.

When you complete first three steps and your information is accurate, we will reach out to you to ask you to upload your documents.

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