E-commerce for any type of work

Whether you are a freelancer, small business or a solo – entrepreneur, you can be online and selling directly to your audience within minutes with your ready-made, web store from Gigrove. No technical skills are needed. Sell your professional products & services through e-commerce tools with unmatched features.


Create a shop
Online store with a custom domain
Online payments for your store
Easy to setup & start selling


Create a shop

Online store and product pages are there to centralize your online business presence – while sales formats are there to enable you to sell more, in a professional way. No technical skills are required: simply plug them in into your online store.

Bookable services

Enable clients to book your services by renting out your professional time, by week, days or hours.

Shipping products

Sell physical products on Gigrove – manage shipments, inventory and print packing slips with ease.

File selling

Start selling downloadable designs, photos, books, software, music, videos –  any type of file.

Delivery shop

Enable your customers to easily order products from your delivery business, like food, medication, etc.

Tell your story.

We think that a well-told story is the most important part of any online business. Use your About page in your online store to tell a direct, unique story about you and your work.

About page

Describe what are your best offerings and outline most important things about your work.

Set custom policies

Be open about your business policies with your clients by setting the terms on which the client agrees upon buying a product or a service from you.

Accept online payments with ease

Leave behind the worrying about which payment method your clients use. Gigrove web store comes with an ability to accept online payments from major credit cards and PayPal – as well by connecting your payment gateway. Integrated payment gateways are making it easy for your clients to pay for products or services with the method they prefer.


Nothing to patch or upgrade

Your work should reach your audience in a efficient way. To achieve this, Gigrove was designed as a all-in-one solution to give you maximum freedom on how you manage your online business. Plug in your products to the web and control everything inside your dashboard to increase online sales.



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