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Testimony for ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD

The lady on the right is Jing, and she shares her experience:

My daughter has had an allergic problem which led to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Her sudden impulsive behaviour has been a big source of trouble for us.

We’ve taken her to see many western doctors and Chinese physicians, did acupuncture and moxibustion, tried many different kinds of healthcare products and even participated in classes at our own expense to find solutions. Finally, we took her for blood tests in the Pediatrics Department of the Cathay Hospital. When the results came back, the mercury index in her blood was high!

Alas, our efforts would only help her temporarily, her condition would barely improve. One day, by chance, an old friend introduced to us Negative Ions clothes.

2015/12/8 – We began to use Negative Ion clothes, my daughter would use the blanket, wear the blanket hats, underwear, supportive accessories, providing high densities of negative ion and with high usage frequencies.

2016/2/3 – We went back for another checkup and found that our daughter’s “mercury” index has dropped to a regular reading! What a relief!

When she first wore the pyjamas, we were astounded at how dirty the first wash was, we even had to do a second round of washing. It was a lot of detoxification. After that, her mood and mental stability were so much better than before. It was really amazing!

In addition, our eldest son used to violently complain about headaches and dizziness. The family doctor said that he would eventually grow out of it.

Once in the middle of the night, he needed emergency treatment because of stomach pains. He had to be taken to our family doctor who said that he had slow gastrointestinal motility. He was given gastrointestinal medicine.

The Chinese medicine doctor suspected it was the pressure we were putting on him, but we were not putting him under any stress. Even with the various Chinese medication, we were giving him, there weren’t any improvements.

Fortunately, now our eldest son is also using the Negative Ion underwear, blanket and blanket cap. He now knows to wear the hat when he has a headache, using the sample Negative Ion cloth when he is coughing and placing it on the painful area around his stomach when he has a stomach ache. He’s always quick to claim how effective the Negative Ion clothes are!

2016/8/26 – We went out with our youngest son. He was fine when we left. But upon boarding the bus and finding a seat, he suddenly collapsed and almost fell off his seat, thankfully we caught him. He looked dazed, so we carefully cradled his head with a Negative Ion scarf. 5 minutes later, he came to and vomited all the food he had eaten that morning. He was burning with of fever of 39.2 degrees Celsius and with lots of phlegm!

Upon seeing the doctor, he was given loads of fever medication. When we got home, he wore the Negative Ion inner wear and used the Negative Ion blanket. He was also given 3 doses of medication and a dose of supplement. The next day, his fever subsided and was in good spirits.

We’re so thankfully for such high-tech products in these Negative Ion clothes! Thankful to the helpful partners of the company!









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