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Testimony for Skin Allergies, Long Term Insomnia & Migraine

Taiwan – Facing thousands of people in the Eslite Dunnan building’s conference hall, Gong Bo shares his personal testimony:

February 2015, a good friend introduced me to Negative ion clothes. Though I usually never believed in being obligated to buy from friends just to give them ‘face’ or just to be ‘polite’. I must say that day, I was intrigued enough to try it for my daughter and myself.

Amazingly, in just a few months, my daughter’s allergies have improved! My insomnia and migraine of many years have also been alleviated! Since then, I am no longer skeptical, having seen and experienced Negative Ion’s effects. I am now a huge proponent of Negative Ion clothes, recommending them to friends and family around me and have embarked on a career to share this amazing product with others.

Thanks to the company’s people-centric system and support, I managed to climb the ranks in a short 10 month period and am now a top manager, leading an international team of passionate partners, all whose lives have been changed and thus wish to change the world with the help of Negative Ions, improving everyone’s health and lives!

Within that 10 months of 2015, I earned a total of HK$700,000! And in 2017, within just 2 months, November to December, I earned a total of HK$600,000!

I am very grateful to the company, the team, the leaders and all my partners for giving this housewife an opportunity of an international career, providing my family with additional income and raising my self-esteem.

Though I’ve been happily married as a homemaker for 7 years, cared for by a loving and providing husband, he once said something which caused me some distress. Though said ill meaningly, “Whoever makes money, has the final say…”, my husband’s words left me with anxiety. Even then, today, one of the greatest supporter of my career, is my husband!

My rewards in my career is an immediate indication of the number of people I’ve managed to help and have a positive impact on. Thinking back, thanks to that chance I took, my life is changed for the better. Give yourself and your family that chance, for better health and a better life!


2015年2月經好朋友介紹認識妮芙露負離子衣物,從不相信到因給朋友面子投資負離子產品給從小就有 #過敏體質的女兒和自己使用,在短短的幾個月時間產品不但改善了女兒的過敏體質還改善了自己多年的失眠和偏頭痛等亞健康問題,從此對妮芙露負離子產品深信不疑……以大愛之心真誠熱心的分享給身邊的有緣人。



龔博區總非常感恩妮芙露公司、團隊、所有的領導和夥伴們讓她從一位家庭主婦零0⃣收入到現在擁有一份助人的國際事業。還有提升了自己的人生價值。(以前在先生的愛護下當了七年家庭主婦,過著幸福富足的生活,當先生在一次不經意的情況下說"誰賺錢誰說了算"…這句話讓龔博區總有了當家庭主婦的危機感) 而今先生是非常支持龔博區總的妮芙露事業。


Testimony for Chronic Eczema from Jocelyn Neo from Singapore

This is my mum. She has chronic eczema for many years and has seen many doctors including National Skin Centre and Chinese physician. Constant injections and various steroid cream did not work on her.

The Top pic was taken on 12 Feb 2018 and bottom pic taken today, 11 Mar 2018. Within 1 month, her condition improved drastically, thanks to these high-tech Negative Ions clothes!

感谢新加坡 Jocelyn区总分享的《湿疹》见证


Testimony for Headache, Better sleep, Allergic Rhinitis, Stomach Reflux, Sarcoma & Warts

I’ve known this wonderful lady in the photo for 5 years, both our children go to the same school, but it was only 2 years ago after I first used negative ion clothes when I shared the benefits with her. A year later, she and her family started to use the clothes, including her own elderly parents. This was her experience:

Thank you Hui Chuan Wang, for introducing negative ions to me 2 years ago. Even though my husband and I were cautious and having evaluated the product for more than a year, we were finally convinced to make the purchase. April this year marks the 5th month of the family’s usage of these negative ion clothes.

Many friends ask me about its effects, but I can never fully explain it. However, the family has seen so many big and small improvements to our health. Our sleep quality vastly improving is one of our greatest relief.

These 5 months, my nasal back-flow has improved. Previously, that would always cause a lot of coughing. My menstrual flow has also increased after a big drop, fearing I was experiencing menopause early.

My child’s focus has also improved, being more focused in school has improved her studies. They fall ill much lesser and their immunity is so much better.

My husband, a long-time smoker, began using the negative ion clothes which triggered heavy coughing for a month. This expelled a lot of disgusting phlegm. Now, he smokes lesser, his autonomic nervous system is more balanced and doesn’t snore anymore! This is fantastic!

Mom regularly has persistent headaches. Recently, she hasn’t needed to take any headache medications. Dad’s allergic rhinitis and stomach reflux have improved.

And after a month of use, the sarcoma on dad’s neck dried up and fell off.

Uncle Tong’s nose warts, after a month of using the negative ion clothes, fell off and could not be located by the doctor. Even his chronic nose allergy has also improved.

Incredible! Though you can’t touch nor see negative ions, once’s you’ve tried using them, you will definitely see health improvements for the whole family! Give negative ions a chance!

感謝Hui Chuan Wang在二年多前,把負離子介紹給我,我和老公很謹慎的研究了一年多,才決定購買使用。
用起來就知道!要改善全家人健康上的問題 就來試試負離子吧!

Testimony for Migraine, allergic dermatitis, menopause

Firstly, I am very grateful to Nefful for producing such high-tech products. I also want to thank my introducers, Jingjing AM and Wang Hua AM for whom I am deeply indebted to.

My first encounter was at the end of September 2016, I was very skeptical. While I personally believed that Jingjing had good intentions and believed all that she said she had experienced, I was afraid that she was being cheated by a direct marketing company, which I am generally very against. However, I soon gave in to their determined persuasion and bought two sets of Negative Ions Clothes, pyjamas.

I actually have many health problems which affect my day-to-day. I’m plagued with severe migraine, neck and shoulder pains, allergic dermatitis, and the most frustrating is the menopausal symptoms since the birth of the fourth child. This continued on for more than a year. Every month my doctor prescribed me medication to forcefully induce menstruation but was unable to tell me the root issue.

Initially, I thought, perhaps it was simply changes in my body or an early onset of menopause. But after using the Nefful negative ion clothes for only less than ten days, my period came. It was incredible, I could not believe it. Even though I initially doubted the clothes, my prayers have been answered.

Now I do not need to go to the doctor, and no longer have to take medicine because my monthly menstruation comes on time. The discomfort has also disappeared. I am so thankful.

Still doubtful, I went back to the store and bought a full set of the products. They have even helped my serious migraines which I’ve had since childhood from a traumatic head accident. I would get regular intense headaches once or twice every month or two which would lead to severe vomiting. Because of this, I easily get motion sicknesses on vehicles and trains.

I remembered after the first visit to the Nefful store, I returned home from the subway and vomited several times. It was excruciating. Some people have told me to bear with it and after a month it should be over, but I had to bear with it for 4 months!

I have tried a lot of pain relief tonics but without success, but after wearing the negative ion clothes for almost a year, it doesn’t hurt anymore! It’s fantastic, I am so grateful!

Finally, without even realising, my allergic dermatitis began to disappear. Before, it would flare up every month, making it very troublesome for someone as vain as me. This has since not flared up for the past few months of using the clothes. It really is miraculous that we have such amazing technology that not only benefitted me but have also helped the health of so many others.

My deepest impression came from my very wise friend and her husband who saw huge improvements from the use of the clothes. They saw big improvements in his sleep and decided to purchase the negative ion blanket as a gift to friends.

To him, this was like gifting health to a close friend. Besides improving his overall health, his friend also alleviated his allergy towards eating mango, which he had been avoiding for the past 5 to 6 years! Merely eating one would cause his whole face to turn swollen red and itchy.

And just recently, decided to bravely attempt a whole bowl of mangos. Even after 2 to 3 days later, there wasn’t any allergic reaction. We are amazed and thankful.

Truly, this technology of Negative Ion Clothes is remarkable; unknowingly it improves our health and continues to surprise us. Like me, few really understand the science of it, many of us don’t believe it is possible and can’t believe in the product, but it is my sincerest hope that should you choose to believe, you will get to fully experience the benefits of this product, and come to share my own experience.








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