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Testimony for Child Asthma

Alina is from Shenzhen, and this is a testimonial of her son’s *#asthma* improvement!

Alina’s son developed a continuous cough when he was just 5 months ago. Even before he was 1 year old, he had been hospitalized 3 times, and developed from breathlessness to asthma. In 2016 Mar, a friend introduced a full set of negative ion clothing for Alina’s baby.

As a result, there was a period of three consecutive months with no cough, followed by only intermittent cough (and his body continued to recover). By end 2016, he stopped coughing altogether and hasn’t been hospitalized for 1 year since he starting wearing negativeionclothes.

In the picture, you can see he used to have to use the nebulizer (for breathing and medication) but he has been completely stopped using the nebulizer now. As his cough improve, his appetite is getting better and better, and his body more and more healthy!


深圳alina小儿子气喘改善分享:Alina 小儿子生下来五个月以后就开始持续的咳嗽,一岁之内因为咳嗽问题曾经住院三次,并且已经发展到气喘接近哮喘的程度。2016年3月因为朋友的介绍开始给宝宝全套使用负离子衣物,曾经连续三个月没有咳嗽,之后会有间断的小咳嗽,直到2016年底已经完全没有咳嗽。并且这一年当中没有住过一次院。


Testimony on Stroke, Water Retention (Oedema), Cholesterol, Diabetes, Cramps, Asthma and more

Silvered-haired Ms Wang Baofeng is a family woman who loves food and loves to travel. Unfortunately, 5 years ago, she had a stroke.

For 4 years, her family had been taking her to see famous doctors and receive a variety of treatments. This included physical therapy, acupuncture, heat therapy, injections, and going to Singapore for a 6-month treatment. They have spent a lot of money, time and effort, but without much result.

This pained daughter-in-law, Li Xue Ni, to see Ms Wang that way. In December 2016, encouraged by her own piano student Pan Yujing, she decidedly bought a large set of negative ions clothes for Ms Wang Baofeng.

After a short 5 days of usage (high concentrated use, the continuous wearing of multiple layers of the clothes), she saw a drastic detox reaction and a big improvement in her body oedema (water retention), shedding 10 kg in weight!

After 6 months of use, through her blood test report, her doctor advised her to stop taking cholesterol drugs, which she had been taking for more than 12 years! Her blood glucose levels also decreased from 10+ to 6+, reducing her medication. 9 months on, Ms Wang Baofeng continued to see improvements from head to toe.

Now, in the middle of the night, her feet no longer cramp and has less frequents trips to the toilet; greatly enhancing her sleep quality and mental state.

Additionally, her decades of asthma, back pain, neck spur, constipation, knee bone degeneration and natural nose sensitive issues has improved. Her walking posture has gradually become lighter and more natural.

Since the stroke, her hands and feet can now be easily raised, her fingers can also move with ease.

Day by day, Ms Wang Baofeng’s health and mental state keeps improving.

Just last month, Ms Wang travelled to China for a holiday, while being accompanied by her daughter! She’s very grateful to Pan Yujing and her sponsors for encouraging the use of the negative ion clothes, for not only regaining her health but also allowing her daughter-in-law, Li Xue Ni, to find a new career with these products.




使用6個月後, 透過驗血報告,醫生建議停止服用了超過12年的膽固醇藥,血糖藥也因指數從10+下降到6+,而減量了。 9個月以來,產品改善了汪寶風女士,從頭到腳的大小問題。如今,她的雙腳不再半夜抽筋,不再有頻密的夜尿。如此一來,大大提升了自己的睡眠品質和精神狀態。

此外,她還改善了本身的幾十年的氣喘、腰酸背痛丶頸項骨刺丶便秘、膝蓋骨退化和天生的鼻敏感等問題。更改善了她走路的姿勢,漸漸變得輕盈自然。中風後的手與腳,現在可自行抬高,手指頭也可以移動了。寶鳳女士 一天比一天健康,精神也一天比一天好。


Testimony for Constipation, Asthma, Hypotension or Low Blood Pressure

Lin Xiu Qing
Product Use: whole set 

When my daughter was 2 years old, she was constipated. At first, I did not pay enough attention to it and only visited a clinic near my home. Unfortunately, there was no improvement in her condition and instead, severity intensified; traditional Chinese medicine and medical doctors were unable to help. We then used the primitive and cruel method, coloclysis.

I was worried she might develop abnormal defecation. I also worried that her vulnerable intestines might become damaged if she used this method continually. During that time, my friend, Xiaojun, told me that negative ions could improve my daughter’s problem so I bought the clothes for her.

My daughter recovered, but quite unexpectedly, her immunity over colds and her ulcer also recovered completely. I bought the products for my family. It improved my mother in-law’s asthmatic condition, my gynaecological problem, and my hypotension has improved from 50-80 to 75-110. This is great!

Testimony for Allergic Physical Condition, Common cold, Asthma

Jian Wen Lang
Product Use: whole set

My child has had dermatitis since birth, and an allergic physical condition. This altered our life, we had to become acutely aware of our food, drinks and surroundings. At a later stage, my child developed sinusitis, caught colds frequently, even his asthma was triggered by these common colds and would require him to take antibiotics.

I went to every specialist, but none of them could cure my son completely. It was two years ago when I bought two sets of clothes for my child, and then a complete set of Teviron negative ion clothes.

Half a year later, he did not need to take antibiotics after catching a cold, because his immune system had greatly improved and his skin was cured completely.

Testimony for Parkinson’s, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Asthma, Sinus, High Blood Pressure

Chai Quai Ien, Taiwan
Products used. Whole set 

In the beginning of 2000, I had a problem with my wrist so I went to see a neurosurgeon who gave me all kinds of tests. The doctor said I needed to see the neurologist. It was confirmed that I had Parkinson’s disease. I kept searching Eastern medicine to find a doctor who would tell me I do not have Parkinson. The Eastern doctor who specialised in Neurology confirmed I had Parkinson’s.

I went to seek acupuncture, massage and physical therapy. This only helped my muscle stiffness but my hands were still shaking. I did not have balance when I walked. I was thinking this is a death sentence and I am going to be doomed with this hopeless illness for the rest of my life.

I did not know if this was my luck or what. It was then, I met my life saver Emay. She introduced me to Teviron products. I got all the supporters. After several days my hand was aching. I thought “Oh this is the detox reaction where getting better it needs to get worse.”

I increased the products to the whole set. Now after 6 months I can raise my hand up high. I can walk in a steady gait. I can even take big steps. I can raise my leg higher. I can run and jog. I can even ride my motorcycle. In the past 5 years, I was never able to do this. But now I can do it. I am so happy and so thankful.

My mother with asthma and high blood pressure has improved. My brother had sinus problems and Ankylosing Spondylitis. Before, he needed to go to acupuncture and massage 2 or 3 times a week. Now he does not need to go anymore.

I am so thankful that Nefful has such amazing product. I call Emay my aunt now. I am very thankful for my mum’s support and encouragement.

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