Auto Immune Disorder Testimonials

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Testimony for Skin Issues (Eczema, Rashes)

I have been suffering from eczema and multiple other skin problems for at least 3 years. My whole body had rashes, it was extremely itchy and my skin was broken and flaking, it was a painful time and it really affected me.

The doctors were unable to find out the cause of my skin problems and told me that it was due to a problem in my immune system so he gave me medication. Despite taking medication, I saw no improvement and what’s worse, I was unable to sleep due to the pain and itchiness.

I’ve thought of ending my pain but I thought about my family and I pulled through. I sought western treatment, Chinese traditional medicine, supplements and more – I was willing to try anything to feel better.

Because of my condition, I have not been able to work for the last 3 years and have spent most of my saving in seeking treatment and health products. I was really desperate to find something that works. This was when I came across negative ions products.

My friend was the one who introduced Nefful negative ions clothes to me. I first tried 2 sets of innerwear and on my 1st night of using it, I slept deeply and soundly. I was pleasantly surprised by the effects and decided to go down to Nefful’s office to find out more (my wife was reluctant to go with me at first).

In the end, I bought a full set of negative ions products and have been using it. My rashes and skin issues slowly disappeared, now I am able to get 6-7hrs of good sleep!

My friends who saw the improvement of my health have been asking me about it. I’m no expert in negative ions clothes so I’ve been learning about it and sharing my experience with my friends. I hope more people can benefit from it!

感謝分享详细版的来啦! 前天‮桃到‬園領‮班導‬講課,坐在‮一第‬排的‮位這‬男士‮引吸‬到‮的我‬目光,在他專注、認‮的真‬神情下,‮乎似‬有‮感段‬人的故事,‮烈強‬的‮奇好‬心驅‮著使‬我想去發掘、去感動。


中西醫、偏方、保健食品..,甚至1‮小個‬小‮膏藥‬要價8千多‮也元‬得買,因為‮們他‬說‮了擦‬有效,張先生‮趕想‬快好起來,所‮什以‬麼都‮意願‬試…,‮3這‬年多‮他來‬無法工作,買‮些這‬幾乎‮光花‬他‮積的‬蓄,聽他說到這,‮名莫‬的‮感傷‬湧上,一個‮無人‬力無‮又助‬渴望好起來..,向‮天老‬吶喊,希望有回應、‮得能‬到援助.. 張先‮一生‬定‮位是‬很有‮報福‬的好人,上‮聽天‬到‮的他‬聲音了,‮時這‬走進‮生他‬命裏‮一的‬位‮友朋‬告‮他訴‬妮芙‮負露‬離‮健子‬康衣物,他簡‮相單‬信,一開始投資2套‮心暖‬內衣褲使用,‮一第‬天使用後,那‮睡晚‬了1‮多個‬小時,很深、很沈 ,他好興奮,‮不顧‬及‮婆老‬的反對,硬‮要是‬求老‮一婆‬起到‮司公‬來了解,當‮投下‬資了全套,‮先張‬生的‮運命‬開始改變,‮上身‬的病‮已痛‬漸潮消除,‮能也‬睡上6、7‮小個‬時,身體皮‮狀膚‬況‮改也‬善了,真的‮太是‬棒了!


Testimony for Immune System Disease and Acute Eczema

My name is Cai Yiru and I am 66 years old this year. I am currently a health product lecturer. Since I was a child, I have always performed and been on stage. I have also worked as a singer in various nightclubs and karaoke bars in Hong Kong while growing up. As a stage performer, the maintenance of my looks is very important.

Four years ago, I joined a group to participate in some stage activities and had to fast for five days. As a result, it adversely affected my immune system and I developed acute eczema. My whole face became swollen. It was so red and painful. It was so serious that I was not able to sleep at night and I was very miserable.

I tried seeing dermatologists and eating lots of different healthy foods, but it only slightly reduced the redness and swelling on my face. It was still very itchy and I could not take direct wind blowing at me.

This dragged on for more than 3 years until I was introduced to Negative Ion clothes half a year ago. I bought a full set of Negative Ion products such as clothes, face mask and a blanket. That was when I really experienced a real form of recovery for my face. After using the Negative Ion products, more than 90% of my face has recovered! Thanks to the Negative Ion clothes, I am able to regain my confidence and proudly stand on stage again.

I am really grateful to the senior leaders of the company for their guidance and for introducing me to Negative Ion clothes. I hope that all eczema patients will give Negative Ion clothes a try after seeing my testimonial and recover as soon as possible to live a happy and healthy life.



Testimony for Psoriasis

From a partner in Malaysia

Ever since the age of 16, Mr. Hong Yijian, a computer engineer from Butterworth, Penang, had developed a dry skin disease, also known as psoriasis.

Initially, he only experienced red spots on his head and joints. Then, the red spots began to spread and develop into red patches.

He searched throughout Northern Malaysia for both Chinese medicine and Western medicine to help. But nothing could improve it. He could only control his condition using steroid drugs. His Western medicine doctor told him that he has an autoimmune system disorder that cannot be completely cured.

He tried taking health supplements, with servings up to 60 a day, yet still could not see any effects. His skin condition got worse, the red patch got bigger and thicker. While walking, the psoriasis growing in his joint areas would bleed from the abrasion. It was also very itchy, itching severely, and the skin flakes would scatter on his bed and in the car, which constantly made him very embarrassed.

20 years later, his joints began to ache, so severely that he could not even turn his head, and found even lifting a cup difficult. His doctor could only give him painkillers, but it aggravated his problem of psoriasis.

After trying some Negative Ion clothes for 3 days, his joint and back pain reduced by 50%! After 2 weeks of using the products, the psoriasis started showing significant improvement, the red patches became thinner and the redness lightened.

After 3 months, it continued showing positive outcomes, improving by 80%. He is very grateful for the effects of Negative Ion clothes, helping him once again find health and happiness.



洪溢坚先生来自北海, 原是一名电脑工程师。16岁就患上干癣皮肤病 (牛皮癣 ,psoriasis)。
从开始身体只有头部和关节的部位长了红点, 直到红点开始扩散,并发展成红色斑块。

他也试了服用保健品,一天服高达60颗,依然没有看到效果。皮肤情况每况愈下,红色块状越长越厚,走动时更使长在关节部位的牛皮癣裂开而流血。皮肤也非常痒,不停抓痒导致脱屑 非常严重,皮屑散落床上地上车里,令他非常难堪。

20多年后他的关节开始疼痛,严重到无法转头,杯也拿不起来,医生开始给了止痛药,却加剧了牛皮癣 的问题c

非常妮芙露负离子让他用上产品3天后, 关节和背部减少了50%的痛楚, 大全套使用产品2个星期后,牛皮癣改善得非常好,红色块状已经变薄,颜色转淡。

Testimony for Eczema, Dermatitis, Nasal Congestion, Long Term Headache

From a Hong Kong partner, thank you for sharing!
The attached pictures are quite shocking. More below.

Me and my family’s health have not been the best for quite some time even with the help of both Western medication and TCM. But ever since learning about these Negative Ion clothes from my good friend Wang Hua, our lives have not been the same!

Being a close friend, I have always trusted Wan Hua, but less so the products when I first learned about them. I still doubted even when I first went to the showroom to learn more about these Negative Ion clothes and bought them.

Fortunately, to me and family’s great surprise, after a short period of one month, we saw huge improvement’s in my husband’s 20-year long nasal congestion issue, about 60-70% better! Those 20 years, my husband’s nasal issue would always lead to a terrible headache. The last few years of work kept him late and by the time he reached home to have dinner, he would always have a headache while sleeping on the sofa which denied him of needed sleep and rest!

But now, its improved! In the following few days, we saw a consistent improvement in his headache and he could finally rest better! Now, it’s completely gone! It’s been half a year since the recovery and we’re now finding ourselves using Negative Ion clothes more and more as out confidence in these products grown over time.

The other issue is an eczema problem (seen in the pictures) which only developed in recent years. With the help of TCM and taking TCM herbs every day, it improved to some degree but would always come back after about a month. Even with Western medication, 7 days of using steroids, her husband’s fingernails are affected. Though these nails would soon grow back, the effects on the liver and kidney could potentially be bad.

Now my husband’s skin is completely healthy, we’re so grateful for the high-tech fibres in these Negative Ion clothes! We’re so filled with relief and joy! We can’t help but share our experience with these amazing product which we hope will greatly benefit others too!

#異位性皮炎 / 濕疹






Testimony for Eczema, Migraine and Stomach Acid

Thank you Jocelyn Nai for sharing

My 5-year-old daughter, Sophie, has been suffering from #eczema since she was 1. At first, I assumed she would outgrow her condition, but her condition worsened at age 3. She has been on steroid cream since then. Every few months, we would need to see the dermatologist and the doctor would prescribe the same steroid cream.

My hubby and I got increasingly worried because we did not have any other solution, and we knew steroids have long-term side effects such as skin thinning.

In July 2015, I was introduced to Negative Ion clothes by Ms Beatrice Liu. She shared how Negative Ion clothes was a key pillar to her mum’s recovery from Stage 4 Colon Cancer without using conventional chemo/radiation. I thought it was a great product to try on Sophie. I felt that if the product could help even with cancer, it should help eczema.

At first, I purchased the day and nightwear for Sophie. After 1 month, her skin surface area that is covered by the Negative Ion clothes would not have eczema flare-ups. Thus, I decided to invest a full set of Negative Ion clothes, including the bedding and gloves to help her condition further.

Since then, we never needed to go back to the dermatologist. Though she still gets occasional itchiness when the weather is too hot, now she only needs to put on her Negative Ion clothes and some moisturiser to ease her itch. I am so thankful she doesn’t need to rely on steroids anymore.

Because of her improvement, my husband and I invested a full set for ourselves. My years of daily #migraine stopped after 2 days of wearing full set day and night! It was previously getting so bad that regular painkillers couldn’t work and I was taking stronger painkillers.

After using the Negative Ion clothes, I have not taken any painkillers! I managed to quit my coffee addiction because I no longer needed the caffeine for energy and pain management. My husband’s stomach acid is also more regulated!

Thank you Negative Ion Clothes for such a great product and improving my daughter’s quality of life!

Testimony for Eczema, Autoimmune Skin Issue

From Shao Ni Chua – 27 years old

Ever since I started working in Singapore a few years back, I have been leading a stressful lifestyle, spending most of my time working. My average sleeping time was about 4 hours daily, coupled with lack of exercise with irregular mealtimes. I believe I was still young and healthy.

2 years back, I started to have rashes around my joints area, on and off. I ignored them. However, it turned quite bad after a few months and slowly spread to the whole body, including my face. Sometimes, these areas bled and swelled. At first, steroid creams could ease my pain and improve my condition.

When it worsened, doctors prescribed me oral intake steroid pills. However, it got from bad to worse each time my itch relapsed. Steroids brought me tons of side effects (i.e. body hair growth, blurred vision and my body got weaker and weaker). I knew it wasn’t a long-term solution, thus I tried seeking help from dermatologists and Chinese physicians.

However, there was no improvement. Some doctors said I have eczema, some said I allergy to certain food (but I took a blood test which it showed that I was not an allergy to any food).

In mid-2015, my condition was so bad that I had difficulties wearing my clothes, bathing and sleeping; it was too painful for anything to touch my skin. But I chose to stop all steroids intake as I did not want the side effects despite the pain was unbearable.

The itch and pain affected my sleep; it was torturing!! I couldn’t do anything and I felt very inferior to face anyone. I took two months unpaid leave from my company to take a break to recover.

I was very lucky that I was introduced to Negative Ion clothes, just 1 week before I started my unpaid leave in mid-July. Before this, I tried everything I felt possible to help me but nothing relieved my condition.

Thankfully, the Negative Ion clothes worked on me! My conditions worsened during the first week I wore, but I didn’t give up. After 1 month, my skin turned normal! Negativeionclothes changed my life and pulled me out from pain.

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