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Testimony for ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD

The lady on the right is Jing, and she shares her experience:

My daughter has had an allergic problem which led to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Her sudden impulsive behaviour has been a big source of trouble for us.

We’ve taken her to see many western doctors and Chinese physicians, did acupuncture and moxibustion, tried many different kinds of healthcare products and even participated in classes at our own expense to find solutions. Finally, we took her for blood tests in the Pediatrics Department of the Cathay Hospital. When the results came back, the mercury index in her blood was high!

Alas, our efforts would only help her temporarily, her condition would barely improve. One day, by chance, an old friend introduced to us Negative Ions clothes.

2015/12/8 – We began to use Negative Ion clothes, my daughter would use the blanket, wear the blanket hats, underwear, supportive accessories, providing high densities of negative ion and with high usage frequencies.

2016/2/3 – We went back for another checkup and found that our daughter’s “mercury” index has dropped to a regular reading! What a relief!

When she first wore the pyjamas, we were astounded at how dirty the first wash was, we even had to do a second round of washing. It was a lot of detoxification. After that, her mood and mental stability were so much better than before. It was really amazing!

In addition, our eldest son used to violently complain about headaches and dizziness. The family doctor said that he would eventually grow out of it.

Once in the middle of the night, he needed emergency treatment because of stomach pains. He had to be taken to our family doctor who said that he had slow gastrointestinal motility. He was given gastrointestinal medicine.

The Chinese medicine doctor suspected it was the pressure we were putting on him, but we were not putting him under any stress. Even with the various Chinese medication, we were giving him, there weren’t any improvements.

Fortunately, now our eldest son is also using the Negative Ion underwear, blanket and blanket cap. He now knows to wear the hat when he has a headache, using the sample Negative Ion cloth when he is coughing and placing it on the painful area around his stomach when he has a stomach ache. He’s always quick to claim how effective the Negative Ion clothes are!

2016/8/26 – We went out with our youngest son. He was fine when we left. But upon boarding the bus and finding a seat, he suddenly collapsed and almost fell off his seat, thankfully we caught him. He looked dazed, so we carefully cradled his head with a Negative Ion scarf. 5 minutes later, he came to and vomited all the food he had eaten that morning. He was burning with of fever of 39.2 degrees Celsius and with lots of phlegm!

Upon seeing the doctor, he was given loads of fever medication. When we got home, he wore the Negative Ion inner wear and used the Negative Ion blanket. He was also given 3 doses of medication and a dose of supplement. The next day, his fever subsided and was in good spirits.

We’re so thankfully for such high-tech products in these Negative Ion clothes! Thankful to the helpful partners of the company!










Testimony for Chronic Eczema from Jocelyn Neo from Singapore

This is my mum. She has chronic eczema for many years and has seen many doctors including National Skin Centre and Chinese physician. Constant injections and various steroid cream did not work on her.

The Top pic was taken on 12 Feb 2018 and bottom pic taken today, 11 Mar 2018. Within 1 month, her condition improved drastically, thanks to these high-tech Negative Ions clothes!

 感谢新加坡 Jocelyn区总分享的《湿疹》见证


Testimony for Epilepsy, Lung Infection

Testimonial from Kelly from Singapore

My brother Cheng Hwee is 45 years old this year. He became an epilepsy patient since the age of 3 due to a high fever. I remembered clearly that whenever his attacks occurred, he would convulse, his whole body cramping, foaming in the mouth and would grind his teeth. There was once while we were out, my brother had an attack. My mum had to put her fingers into his mouth for fear that he would bite his tongue, resulting in her fingers to bleed.

The hospital was his 2nd home because his attacks were very frequent – happening once every 2 weeks. He couldn’t attend most of his studies in primary school. While in hospital, he had to do MRI scan on his brain to check for further diagnosis and medication. In fact, we all know that too much X-Ray is bad for our health.

His prolonged medication resulted in him having difficulty to communicate with people, discolouration on his teeth, low immunity and he could not hold his bladder. There was even once the doctor prescribed the wrong dosage of medication which resulted in a lot of bleeding in his gum, until I gave feedback about it. I was so angry but there was nothing much I could do.

It’s a blessing that my friend shared about Negative Ions Clothes to me when my mum was in ICU due to severe lung infections mid Sep 2015. Her lungs infection resulted in a high fever and she coughed out blood one night. My family was told to make a decision to have my mum go for surgery.

My mum was worried that she might collapse during the operation. Without hesitation, I decided to go with my friend to hear from another friend, Shanshan about how this product can help my mum. I invested in more products and brought them to the ICU for her to use.

After 2 nights she was transferred to a high dependency ward, WITHOUT surgery. My mom was discharged after 2 weeks.

Seeing the great results himself, my brother Cheng Hwee took out his own savings and invested a full set for himself. After using for close to 6 months, his epileptic attacks gradually became lesser (from once every 2 months to only once every 6 mths. Sometimes this frequency may increase if there are weather changes.)

Today (24 Feb 2018) I am happy to share that my brother’s last attack was about a year ago. Though he is still on medication, his medical checkup has dragged longer from every 3 months to every 6 months.

My whole family is very passionate about these Negative Ion Clothes and in fact have started sharing with friends and relatives about it and they also experienced great results on their health improvements.

This picture was taken during our Jul 2017 trip to the Nefful Taiwan Learning Camp, Cheng Hwee is the 1 with red winter jacket on the left side. Hoping that everyone has the chance to use these Negative Ion Clothes!

以下见证是由来自新加坡的Kelly高区分享:我弟弟清晖今年45岁,因为小时发高烧而从3岁就患有癫痫症。我记得每逢发作,他全身会开始抽搐 (包括全身抽筋,口出白沫及磨牙现状)。有一次发作时,我妈妈把她的手指放进他嘴里避免他咬舌,但结果造成妈妈的手指流了很多血。

医院是他第二个家,因为他的发作次数非常紧密 - 每两个星期一次。因此,小学时他的无法就学。在医院时,他得经过无数的脑部MRI扫描及测试。我们都知道太多这些测试都会对身体有反效果。他的长期药物导致他与别人沟通能力减低,牙齿退色,免疫力降低及无法控制膀胱。有一次医生还给错药物导致牙龈流血。我非常懊恼但又不知道如何帮他。


看到那么好的效果时,我的弟弟清晖把自己的储蓄拿出,开始投资了全套给自己使用。用了将近6个月,他的癫痫症发作次数开始减少 (从每2个月一次到每6个月一次。有时因为天气转变可能会增加)

今天 (2018年2月24日)我很开心和大家分享我弟弟最后一次发作已经是一年前的事了。虽然他还在服药但他的医院复诊已经从每3个月一次延长到每6个月一次。


Testimony for Eczema

This is a friend from Chengdu who suffered from years of serious eczema with pus flowing all over her body. Doctors told her that there are no ways to cure her, as it is her immunity that is in disorder.

The picture on the left is taken after using the Negative Ion blanket, clothing and gloves for just one night where there is visible drying up. The picture on the right is taken after usage of about 2 weeks with very visible improvements with new skin regenerating.


Testimony for Acne

Acne improvement in 3 months with only 4 items. Customer experienced improvement just using small negative ion clothes items focused on the head and neck.

Testimony for Left Hand Numbness, Tendon Spurs in the Left Wrist, Hand Eczema, Bronchitis, Insomnia

Bao Meidi (Dallas of USA)Product use: whole set

Left-hand numbness and powerlessness have constantly plagued me. One morning I woke up and found that there was a very uncomfortable tendon spur in my left wrist. It would hurt simply from touch.

My doctor told me to cut back on my housework and that there was no good method of treatment available. After using a Teviron glove, my tendon spurs disappeared and my hand numbness went away.  I went on to use the whole Teviron set of negative ion clothes. Some months later, my hand eczema disappeared.

Having been a teacher for a long time, my throat is hoarse and inflamed but those symptoms have also disappeared. I have a friend who takes sleeping pills at night.

I recommended him to use the Teviron blanket, and he slept well for the whole night and without using any sleeping pills. He now uses the Teviron clothing, and his insomnia has disappeared.

Testimony for Kidney Failure, Diabetes, Autonomic Nerve Dysfunction, Insomnia, Headache and Weak Heart

Name: Kaub Ming Hung
Product use: whole set

When my mum was young she worked hard even though her blood sugar was over 400. She ignored her diabetes which is very harmful. Her metabolic system was severely damaged. When she was older she was plagued with all kinds of illnesses because of her diabetes and her metabolic problems. As she got older she got worse. More and more problems piled up. She was on insulin since 1986.

Up till July 2002, she had been hospitalised every year 3 to 4 times to adjust her insulin dosage. More complications were happening one after the other. Even her eyes contracted cataracts so she had to have surgery. Her heart was weak and she had angina.

Because of her health conditions, the doctors were afraid to do anything. Surgery would be dangerous because of her diabetes. Her kidney failure requires dialysis. She has got neuropathy of her feet and hands. She has degenerative arthritis and insomnia. She can take 2 or 3 sleeping pills at a time but still could not go to sleep. Yet my mum, being such a caring loving person, still took care of my father every day. 

Two years ago my father suddenly passed away. My mother, being so mentally dependent on her husband, became depressed and despondent and all of her illnesses became more pronounced. As her son, I did not know how to take care of my mother. In this critical period, our life saver Lin Lie, an AGM with the Nefful Company, introduced me to negative ion products.

Not liking direct sales, my mum told me not to buy it. I tried very hard to convince her to try it. I got her a clean cloth to put around her neck. She felt good because of the clean cloth. Her neck felt much better so I got the whole set for her. Now that my mom uses the whole set of Teviron, her health has much improved. Her blood sugar of 450 to 500 has dropped down to 120 to 180.

Her insulin dosage dropped 8 units. Her heart no longer needs nitroglycerine. Her kidney function has improved and she does not require dialysis anymore. Amazingly, she now does not need sleeping pills to help her sleep. Now, she eats and sleeps well. Her immunity has improved and has helped her fight all her illnesses.

Thank you, Lin Lei, for encouraging me. I have been very blessed using these amazing products. Now I am finding success in helping people through this business.

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