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Testimony for Blood Circulation & Better Health

From Hong Kong

This is my cousin from Shenzhen. A few months ago, I shared with her all the wonderful benefits of Negative Ions. Later that year, in early July, she started using a full set of Negative Ion clothes, from the bedding, innerwear, underwear, socks and to accessories.

A month of use later, she found her body reacting positively and her health greatly improved. Her complexion improved, her cheeks became obviously rosier (much better blood circulation). When her friends saw the positive change in her, they started inquiring about what she had been doing and even asked about trying out the products.

Today, she’s back the Hong Kong showroom, to bring home a few sets of the bedding for her close friends to try and experience. Like me, she’s loving what the Negative Ions have done for her, and even she would say to anyone – once you’ve tried it, without a doubt, you couldn’t live without it.




今天 表姐來到香港公司,帶上寢具回去給自己和好姐妹體驗,產品的效果絕對不用懷疑,體驗過後~你肯定會愛不釋手。

Testimony for High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, High White Blood Cell

From Malaysia’s Zhong Feng

For more than a decade, Zhong Feng’s mother has been seeking Western treatment and was prescribed high dosages of medication continually for high blood pressure and cholesterol, yet had not seen any improvement!

At the same time, she had been suffering from aches throughout her body, long-standing aches in her knees and ankles, making it very painful to walk.

Within the first 3 months of using Negative Ion clothes some 8 years ago, Zhong Feng’s mother’s blood pressure and cholesterol readings have gone back to normal and her joints are no longer in pain when she walks.

Even Zhong Feng’s aunt’s white blood cell readings were reaching a high of 14.4 but after 3 months of using Negative Ion clothes, have dropped to 10.4. After 5 months further dropped to 9! Her doctor was happy to report that no bone marrow transplantation or chemotherapy was needed any more.



因为妈妈十多年看西医的时间内大量吃高血压、胆固醇药物没有得到有效改善,同时全身酸痛 ,膝盖脚踝长期疼痛,走路都会很疼痛,在使用负离子衣物三个月至今已有8年时间。妈妈高血压、胆固醇一直非常正常,膝盖使用三个月后走路也不再痛苦。


Testimony for Moya-Moya Disease (Rare, Progressive Blood Vessel Disorder)

Jeanette See from Sabah shares with us some inspiring news.

Back in 2017, Jeanette was helping a friend’s daughter, Carol for a few months. Carol (then 24 years old) was diagnosed ten years ago with Moya-Moya disease which is a rare, progressive blood vessel disorder in which the main carotid artery in the skull becomes narrow or blocked.

Because of the reduced blood flow to her brain, Carol’s development in all areas of her life has been severely impacted, to the point where she was bedridden, unaware of her surroundings and not able to communicate as well.

Jeanette was able to share with Carol’s mom, Lily. Thankfully, Lily agreed to let Carol use the Negative Ion blanket and blanket hats, socks, gloves as well as leg warmers. In just three months, Lily has improved to the point where she is more responsive to her family and to the environment. She is looking around more, and is able to spend more time out of bed these days!

So grateful for the quality of the products which has delivered life-changing effects for Carol. Thank you, Jeanette, for sharing this experience with us.

Testimony for Blood & Qi Deficiency and Heart Pain

This is Apple from Malaysia. She was introduced to negativeionclothes. Within 2 months, Apple experienced many improvements in her health.

Condition 1: Blood and Qi Deficiency

Apple’s Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner told her that she suffered from blood and qi deficiency in the lower half of her body and required medication which cost her RM30 a day. Though she finished the course of medicine it did not help her condition.

After using the Negative Ion clothes, she quickly felt improvements within the 1st month. She was discharging black coloured blood clots, which persisted for 38 days. Her TCM practitioner even asked her what she did to get well, proving that Negative Ions really help promote blood circulation and dispell blood clots.

Condition 2: Heart Pain

One time she couldn’t breathe properly and had to be rushed to the hospital. It was then she learnt that she had mitral valve prolapse resulting in palpitations, breathlessness, tiredness and heart pain, causing her to have a bad temper. Her colleagues were always cautious not to make her angry. Apple had to take medication every day.

After using the Negative Ion clothes for a while, Apple was running up and down the office one day. Her colleagues noticed that she wasn’t as breathless as she usually would. It was then she realised that her heart palpitations, breathlessness and pain had disappeared. She then stopped taking medication. As she got better, her mood improved and arrives at the office with a happy mood. Curious, her colleagues even thought that she was in love!










Testimony for severe blood clot

Thanks to Ms Liu, Chongqing, China for sharing.

Through a friend’s recommendation to Negative Ion Clothes, Ms Liu used a negative ion waistband, singlet and socks. Within a month, she saw the blood vessel clot on her foot starting to shrink.

Wisely, Ms Liu invested in the Negative Ion blanket and within a week (see 7 Nov to 14 Nov), the skin on her foot started to look much brighter and even her toenails looked much better! With her new found confidence, Ms Liu flew to HK and invested in a full set for maintaining her overall health!

She’s thankful for these wonderful products which have helped so many people around the world!!


Testimony for Severe Finger Bruise (Bruise Recovery)

Grateful for Negative Ion clothes! It reduced my pain and helped with rapid recovery! Take control of your own health!

2017.10.16 at the “Happy Learning Camp” 6:00 pmWhile returning a chair, I accidentally crushed my fingers against the table edge. It was incredibly painful!

I immediately starting thinking about ways to reduce the pain. Thanks to Ai Ling & Ping Fei, who passed me Negative Ion finger wraps. Once I covered my finger with the Negative Ion materials, I immediately felt better blood flow and the pain reduced. Within a couple of days, totally recovered, faster than anyone could have anticipated.

This really proves how Negative Ions affect blood circulation, aiding recovery. Aside from myself, I have seen many others who have been very convinced by the advanced technology of Negative Ion Clothes. Regardless of background, age and gender, everyone’s health can benefit from these products.

A big thanks to Jia Long Long Han for all his encouragement, for this career in Nefful, I love Nefful, I love negative ion clothes!


Testimony for Bruises Recovery

Thank you to our partner for sharing the effects of using Negative Ions.

On 19th August, my husband participated in the Asia Pacific Paintball day activity and was appointed the role of Captain, which required the wearing of a protective helmet. When the instructor blew the whistle, nearly all the paintballs were thrown onto his body and burst.

He didn’t feel much pain, which felt like needle piercings due to the adrenaline surge in his body. However, upon checking after finishing the activity, his body was covered in multiple bruises, which were untouchable due to the pain. My heart ached to see him like this.

Lesson learnt: never ever take on the role of Captain! Since our family has been using Nefful negative ion products, we decided to use this rare opportunity to test the effects of negative ions (with and without usage) on my husband.

Picture 1 (above) shows the multiple bruises he suffered from the Paintball activity

Picture 2 (below) shows the test comparison with and without negative ion products.

Left arm: He immediately used the free negative ions blanket cut-out sample cloth from the company and placed it on his left arm, without applying any medication, ice packs and heat packs

Right arm: No negative ion products, medicine, ice packs and heat packs were applied to the right arm.

Picture 3 (above) shows the extent of difference on the left arm and right arm

Left arm: On the 4th day (23rd August) at 7am in the morning, the bruises on the left arm which only used the negative ions blanket cut-out sample without any medicine, ice packs or heat packs gradually faded away

Right arm: The bruises on the right arm spread and darkened.

It is amazing to see the effects of negative ions just by using this amazing product! Now, my husband has to quickly use the negative ion products on his right arm so as to prevent anyone from the misunderstanding that he sustained these bruises from domestic violence!






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