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Testimony for Arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), Bone spurs, Gassy Stomach & Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Wang Li Hua is 67, and she has been using Negative Ion Clothes since 1988. She started with all the joint supporters, bras and underwear.

Before getting acquainted with Negative Ion Clothes, Li Hua was inundated with a range of issues from Arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat, to L3 & L4 bone spurs, which required surgery and severe gassy stomach, which prevented her from finishing a single glass of water in one sitting.In addition, she had PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which would require her to remove with surgery, the biggest as large as 5.9cm.

From her first experience of using, within the 1st hour, she could not stand up. Nervous, she immediately called the friend who had recommended the products, who suggested she removed them. However because the effect was so strong, she couldn’t remove anything.

So her friend suggested to begin by removing the waistband, and within a minute, she could stand up. 2 hours later, she started passing gas from the stomach, the stench was very bad. But immediately after that, she could finally have a drink of a glass of water.

1 week later, she could stop taking her medication. 6 months later, she went for a checkup at a private clinic for an X-ray and scan. To her pleasant surprise, the doctor reported no bone spurs and PCOS!

Testimony for Child Posture from London

Before wearing Negative Ion Clothes, she was 1 year 10 months and couldn’t sit properly! Ever since she started wearing Negative Ion Clothes at 1 year 11 months, she still had to lie down after 5 seconds!

With the negative ion shirt and pants, a week later, she started sitting up on her own for at least 10 minutes! After half a year, she could hold on to toys. 2 years later, she could sit with her legs straight on the floor, independently hold her bread, milk bottle and is slowly becoming more intelligent!

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