Brain Cancer Testimonials

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Testimony for Brain Cancer

Felicia is 10 years old. She is from Jakarta. She was diagnosed with brain cancer when she was 6 years old. From Sep 2011 till Aug 2012, she went through 8 chemotherapy sessions.

Her condition after chemo was not good. Her weight was 15.4kg and she only had her skin covering her bone. She was pale and weak. She had no appetite. Her red blood cells reading, magnesium and other readings were abnormal. Doctors could not help her.

In Dec 2012, Felicia started to wear Negative Ion clothes. Her mom could see the difference on her lips (now redder) and her appetite. Felicia is no longer weak. She is able to run around. In Mar 2013 Felicia went for MRI and CT scan. Doctor declared there is no more cancer cells. Her weight has improved to 19.6kg.

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