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Testimony for Breast Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer & Bone Fracture

I am thankful for having such simple faith.

Back in November 2012, I was so blessed to have the opportunity to use such amazing products. In November 2014, I was convinced through my very own experience with them, how it impacted my health and because it changed my life, so I began selling Negative Ion clothes, I just had to share.

Today, I am able to share these life-changing Negative Ion clothes through my own testimony and through the experiences of others.

Testimony #1 – Breast Cancer
– In Nov 2010, I contracted breast cancer

My Treatments:
– Three surgeries were done in 2011 (February, October, December)
– I started taking Chinese medicine March 2011 (to control my cancer, the TCM physician said I had to take the medicine for a lifetime)
– Injections started in December 2011 (required every three months)
– I had to take a five-year anticancer drug in February 2012 (after a month of consumption but after experiencing a lot of side effects, I stopped taking it)
– March 2012, radiotherapy sessions 30 times

Nothing helped until I started using Negative Ion clothes:
– End November 2012, I began using Negative Ion clothes (a full set)
– In January 2013, I could stop taking my Chinese medicine, because my health improved

Testimony #2 – Bone Fracture
– August 31, 2014, a fall from cycling resulted in a severe fracture. I switched to use more than usual Negative Ion products and I could walk after one month and subsequently full recovery by the second month.

Testimony #3 – Pancreatic Cancer
– September 2014, a friend was diagnosed with end-stage pancreatic cancer and was given not more than two months to live by her doctor.
– In Mid-October 2014, she began using a full set of Negative Ion clothes. By mid-December, her cancer index dropped from 1,500+points to 150+points, living beyond the pre-diagnosed 2 months.

Dear friends reading this, these are my personal testimonies from using Negative Ion products. And it is through your own testimonies that you can share with relatives, friends and even strangers!

I am certain these products can help you and your family’s health. It has helped many people with issues such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, ADHD, autism, depression, kidney disease, arthritis, gout, uterine fibroids, insomnia, ankylosing spondylitis, chronic bone diseases such as osteoporosis, eczema, menopause, etc….

We have been given a new lease of life, let’s help all mankind to achieve health and wealth!



首先自我介绍:我姓蔡,名舒溱(原名淑萍)~ Anna Chua








Testimony for Breast Cancer from Taiwan

In 2015, I discovered that I had Breast Cancer. I didn’t dare to see a doctor as the economy wasn’t good and I didn’t dare to tell my family as I didn’t want them to worry, In February 2016, I was found to have 4th stage Breast Cancer. The doctor told me to go for chemotherapy. However, due to religious beliefs, my teacher told me not go for chemotherapy and therefore didn’t do so.

Because I couldn’t do chemotherapy, the doctor didn’t schedule any follow-ups. So I tried making my own Chinese medicine concoctions at home. That time, I knew that Negative Ion Clothes could help me because my sister gave me a bra 1 year ago and I felt that it helped but it was too expensive for me to purchase.

Before using Negative Ion Clothes, my left breast had sunken in and there was a hard lump. Every night, I didn’t sleep well because of the pain. That kind of pain is indescribable, as if I was being torn apart. That pain went right to the bone. As I have a 2-year old daughter to look after, I wanted to make sure that I lived on.

Thanks to my sister’s persistence and a family member for giving me some money to invest in a set of Negative Ion Clothes. I changed my Negative Ion Clothes regularly, changing and washing it every 3 to 4 hours.

Just on the 1st night, I already felt less pain.

The 2nd night, I started to sleep well.

On the 3rd day, the hard lump in my breast had started to soften and shrink in size. My whole body started perspiring a lot, especially my left hand. Both my legs and my head had a lot of perspiration, similar to a lymphatic detox.

On the 4th day, I saw that my left wrist was meatier. Previously it was skinny.

Now, it has been more than 1 month and every day I see different yet good reactions.

I kept wearing it diligently. My friends say that my complexion is getting better and I am feeling that I am more energetic, have a smaller tummy and overall feel more relaxed.

I am so thankful for the chance to use these Negative Ion Clothes. I hope that my testimony is able to help other people.

乳癌见证 (粉红睡衣照)

2015年发现自己患乳癌,但不敢看医生因为经济不好,也不敢跟家人说,免得家人担心 2016年2月已被检验乳癌末期,第四期,医生说要做化疗,由于宗教信仰的关系,师父说不可化疗,如果化疗就很快完蛋。

因为不做化疗,医生就不再安排日期复诊。所以在家自治配合中药调理。那时我知道负离子产品是可以帮助,因为在1年前妹妹给我使用胸罩,就感受到了,可是产品很贵根本都没能力买。在还没使用负离子产品之前,我的左边胸部已经凹进去,也有硬块,每天晚上都不能有好的睡眠,因为很痛,那种痛是无法形容,好像撕裂的感觉,已经痛进骨了。因为还有一个2岁的女儿要照顾 所以希望可以好好的活下去。

非常感谢妹妹的坚持与家人,凑到一笔钱投资产品给我使用。我很勤力换洗,每3-4小时换洗。第一个晚上减少疼痛,第二个晚上开始有好的睡眠了。第三天胸部的硬块开始软化,开始小了,而且还全身一直在排汗,尤其是左手,脚和头排特别多的汗水,淋巴排毒。第四天看到自己的左手腕开始长肉了,因为之前都瘦瘦的。穿到现在已有一个多月的时间,每一天都有不同的好转反应,可是我知道这是好的反应,很努力的穿。朋友看到我的气色越来越好,我也觉得自己的精神好很多, 肚子也小了,轻松了很多。


Testimony for Breast Cancer

This is my 4th sister’s testimonial. In August last year, we invested almost NTD 100k worth of products for my sister to use and she continued to wear Nefful with the absolute confidence that the products will help her to gain back her health.

In October this year, we decided to invest another full set for her to increase the density of the negative ions by wearing more layers. In November, her breast tumour shrunk from 8cm to 7cm. In just one month time, the tumour is down to only 4.3cm.

We are so happy after receiving this great results as my fourth sister was in great pain for the last 1 year and we are all grateful that she finally regained back her health. We are thankful for such a wonderful product!

见证分享 乳癌见证


短短的一个月奇迹再现,医生告诉她腫瘤又小了,现在只是4·3cm。 当我们听到时,都很开心因为我们知道这一年多,四姐过的不容易,痛苦中爬出来的他会越活越精彩,越来越健康!感恩这么棒的产品。

Testimony for Reducing Side Effect of Chemotherapy from Taiwan (Cancer Chemotherapy Detox)

She is a breast cancer stage 3 patient, going through chemotherapy. While she knew the chemo drug is very poisonous, she had to take it to prevent the cancer from spreading. She was then advised to use Negative Ion clothes as a detox tool during this period.

She has seen definitive results. Here are the details:

She goes to the hospital for chemotherapy every 3 weeks on Fridays. She’d go home immediately afterwards, takes a shower, and puts on all her clean Negative Ion clothes and rolls herself into the Negative Ion blanket and bed sheet to sleep.

When she wakes up in the morning and goes to the bathroom, her urine is pink colour — that’s the exact colour of her chemo drug!

This situation continues for a week. Every day, her first round of urination is pink.

When she shared this with other chemo patients at the hospital, none of the others has seen that much of detox discharged after chemo. Most people may only see pink urine for 2 or 3 days at most, but none would last for a week.

So she concluded that the Negative Ion clothes truly helps to cleanse her body, especially the blanket, which has the highest negative ion density. That’s why the detox usually takes place most progressively after a long night’s sleep.

Another evidence of detox is from washing the Negative Ion clothes. This past winter (2013) has been a very rainy one in Taipei. When she hung her Negative Ion clothes out to dry, it would take too long to dry up.

So she decided to hang her Negative Ion clothes indoors after washing and used a dehumidifier to speed up the drying process.

When she was unloading the water from the dehumidifier, she saw the water was slight pink colour, and the water drawer was also slightly dyed with pink colour. Both similar to the colour of the chemo drug.







当她醒来的早上,去洗手间,她的尿液是粉红色的颜色 – 这是她的化疗药物的一樣的颜色!







Testimony for Breast Cancer & Rheumatoid Arthritis

(Reporter: Chuang Chih-Wei, Peng Kuang-Hsu reported in Taipei)
Media: TVBS website
Subject: Tang Hsiu-Pin stands up again

Overcome Breast Cancer and Rheumatoid ArthritisSeven years ago, a woman, named Tang Hsiu-Pin, who suffered breast cancer accused her husband of an abortive homicide because her husband intentionally concealed her disease, and this case shocked the public.

For several years, she suffered and almost died from the seriously deteriorating disease, and she also suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis which disabled her, but now she has defeated the serious illnesses and stands up again. She uses her own experience to help more people to overcome their difficulties.

Standing up from the sofa with the support of a cane is a simple action, but it is a miracle that Tang Hsiu-Pin who once was unable to stand up for five years for serious arthritis. 

Tang Hsiu-Pin: ” I’m very happy, but after I stood up, I had a new perception of my own experience, I found that my friends that were part these years are not as lofty as I imagined them before”.

You may forget that seven years ago this pleasant woman accused her betraying husband, who was a doctor, of intentionally concealing her breast cancer with the purpose of terminating their marriage, which was reported in newspapers as a lead story.

Later, when her state of illness was in crisis, she decided to forgive her former husband and withdraw the accusation.

Tang Hsiu-Pin: “I am really thankful that God has my life suffer from the painful torments. Due to the pain, I could comfort some people. Because I have gone through the pain and get better and better now, I could inspire other people.” Tang Hsiu-Pin: “scarf ! 430, Bye-Bye! As my body keeps improving and I can move more and more freely, my desire for living on becomes stronger and stronger”

Her arthritis became serious because of her cancer, as a result she had been paralyzed for fives years and often faced death until July of last year when some friends introduced her the negative ions clothing. Her illness was relieved after she started to wear those clothes, at last she can stand again and uses her own experience to promote the product, and can keep the pot boiling.

From TVBS website
Link of the original article:
Date: 2004/03/2

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