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Testimony for Breast Cancer

A health check last November changed the pace of my life!

At the moment when I’m not sure about the severity, I just think of just in case…

I know it is good with long-term use of negative ions, but has always been reluctant to start a dual-purpose blanket. The results of this health check made me decide to treat myself well, I immediately told my cousin Momo to order two negative ion dual-purpose blankets.

A week later, the doctor declared to me that it was stage I breast cancer.

Being extremely calm, I chose to face and accept it firmly, and immediately arranged hospitalization for surgery.

I was admitted to the hospital with a full set of negative ion blankets and clothes.  Holding a big neck warmer and a blanket gave me peace of mind to prepare for the operation the next morning.

When I entered the operating room, the nurse asked me if I was scared?

I said I am afraid of cold. Then I became unconscious.  I woke up right away when I heard someone call my name. When I was pushed to the recovery room, I realized that I was still alive, great!

Go back to the ward and immediately lie back in my dual-purpose blanket, put on the neck warmer, the negative ion patches, and hold my favorite elegant scarf.

When the nurse saw that I was thirsty and hungry, she smiled and said, “Did you really have an operation?”  Seeing that my body was covered with strange negative ions, she said, “Haha~ So you have treasures!”  That night, I can sit up and eat.

Late at night, the nurse came to take the blood pressure and gave an injection. Seeing a bear (wearing a bear hat), it should be shocking to her!

When the injection arm is exposed, I feel cold, and I will put the elbow and knee dual-purpose supporter on the arm.

Discharged. I am in good spirits. The first thing I do when I go home is to wash the quilt! There will be a comfortable quilt to sleep in at night.

Wrap myself up with negative ions every day after the operation

After returning to the hospital, the suture removal wound has recovered very well. I thought it would be over…

Unexpectedly, there will be chemotherapy and targeted treatments to be done later.

Okay, do whatever it takes!  Of course, hair loss is inevitable during chemotherapy, so I just shave it off!

Others are the numbness of the hands and feet and the many inexplicable painful pimples on the face. Many people who came over told me that the terrible side effects of chemotherapy did not appear on me!

In the past, negative ions served only the function of keeping warm to me as I was afraid of cold.

I don’t really know if I can help the cell renewal and repair if I didn’t use high density!

But before the end of the 4 chemotherapy sessions, I started to grow hair, and my painful acne was gone! Even now the skin is better than before the illness.  Everyone sees me and says that they can’t see the operation carrying a toll on me and they think I look good!

In addition to thanking my mother for taking good care of me, think about it, negative ions also played a role!

Although the course of treatment is still ongoing, there is still half a year to work hard, Especially in this severe period of the epidemic, with the accompaniment of negative ions, it gave me more peace of mind and confidence in fighting this disease during the long treatment process that I can regain my health after half a year!

Regular inspection is important.  Believe you can.  Trust doctor. Positive sharing no need to be shy.

If I can help one, I will strive to do so.

Testimony for Breast cancer and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Media: TVBS website
Subject: Tang Hsiu-Pin stands up again
Overcome breast cancer and Rheumatoid Arthritis!
Tang Hsiu-Pin stands up again
(Reporter: Chuang Chih-Wei, Peng Kuang-Hsu reported in Taipei)

Seven years ago, a woman, named Tang Hsiu-Pin, who suffered breast cancer accused her husband of an abortive homicide because her husband intentionally concealed her disease, and this case shocked the public. For several years, she suffered and almost died from the seriously deteriorating disease, and she also suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis which disabled her, but now she has defeated the serious illnesses and stands up again. She uses her own experience to help more people to overcome their difficulties.

Standing up form the sofa with the support of a cane is a simple action, but it is a miracle that Tang Hsiu-Pin who once was unable to stand up for five years for serious arthritis.

Tang Hsiu-Pin: ” I’m very happy, but after I stood up, I had a new perception of my own experience, I found that my friends that were part these years are not as lofty as I imagined them before”.

You may forget that seven years ago this pleasant woman accused her betraying husband, who was a doctor, of intentionally concealing her breast cancer with the purpose of terminating their marriage, which was reported in newspapers as a lead story. Later, when her state of illness was in crisis, she decided to forgive her former husband and withdraw the accusation.

Tang Hsiu-Pin: “I am really thankful that God has my life suffer from the painful torments. Due to the pain, I could comfort some people. Because I have gone through the pain and get better and better now, I could inspire other people.” Tang Hsiu-Pin: “scarf ! 430, Bye-Bye! As my body keeps improving and I can move more and more freely, my desire for living on becomes stronger and stronger”

Her arthritis became serious because of her cancer, as a result she had been paralyzed for fives years and often faced death until July of last year when some friends introduced her the negative ions clothing. Her illness was relieved after she started to wear large amount of negative ions clothings n blankets , at last she can stand again and uses her own experience to promote the product, and can help others

Testimony for Lupus Erythematosus

Thanks to Mr. Jui Chinn for sharing. Her daughter was diagnosed with lupus erythematosus, and the 6-year-old was forced to undergo 6 chemotherapy treatments that were no different from cancer.

In view of this disease, she can’t take any medicine or health products at will, so she can only look for other ways to reduce the side effects of her daughter’s chemotherapy and hope to help her daughter regain her health!

That’s how she got to know Nefulu Negative Ion and let her daughter wear it, because changing a set of bedding and clothes is not afraid of any side effects.

During her second chemotherapy, her daughter started to wear Nefful Negative Ions, and completed 6 chemotherapy sessions without facing severe hair loss or vomiting!

With the help of doctors and Nefful negative ions, no drugs are needed, and I grow up healthy and healthy!

Testimony for Sinus Cancer

Thanks to Singapore’s Ya En for sharing

In August 2017, her 43-year-old brother was diagnosed with stage 4B sinus cancer.

His left cheek was completely affected by the tumour. While waiting for chemotherapy, he used a Negative Ion shawl, layering it with the mask, the hat and the blanket to wrap the affected area.

Three weeks later, blood clots and foreign matter began draining from his nose! He could finally feel relief. He goes for 8 hours of intensive chemotherapy every day. Every time after his chemotherapy, his washed Negative Ion clothes would give off the smell of chemicals. Though his chemotherapy was shockingly intense, unlike many others, his body became stronger.

Today, his tumor has been significantly reduced and is on the road to recovery. Thanks to these amazing Negative Ion clothes, and thanks to my introducer Mary for introducing these clothes to me.

She is a life saver!




今天,他的腫瘤已經顯著減少,並在康復的道路上。感謝Nefful生產了如此驚人的產品,也感謝我的介紹人Mary Nets為我介紹了Nefful。


Testimony for Endometrial Cancer

I have been using Nefful negative ions products extensively; I layer 6 pairs of negative ions underwear and change a new set every 4 hours. In my recent regular follow-up report, my doctors were surprised to see that I no longer had cancer cells.

I tailored a negative ion jacket from the negative ion blanket, and I wear it even during the summer season although it is really hot because I know I need large quantities of negative ions to help with my serious health condition.

Nefful negative ion products are really great! You should treat yourself right and care for your health early for a long and fulfilling life.

*Besides supporting recovery from chronic health conditions, negative ion clothes can be used for regular wellness maintenance too.





Testimony for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Stage 4A

2 August 2019, I still remember that very moment when the doctor confirmed that my husband was suffering from nasopharyngeal cancer (stage 4A). I felt so helpless and heartbroken.

Eventually, we accepted the facts and cooperated with the hospital to receive immediate treatments.

Because of my impatient character, I asked Cui Ling for more relevant information on how Negative Ion clothes can help to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, etc before I conveyed the message to my husband.

At first, he was very stubborn and reluctant to try. His perception changed only after hearing so many stories about how chemotherapy affects the mental state of the other cancer patients. He then bought a full set of Negative Ion clothes to kickstart his journey to combat cancer.

Within the first week of his chemotherapy, the unexpected vomiting caused him to lose 5 kilograms! Only cancer patients themselves will understand what the side effects of chemotherapy does to the body.

To help relieve his discomforts, I had to remind him constantly to change his clothes every 4 hours. I am glad to see improvements in his condition.

I am thankful now that he is able to eat (in smaller quantities and more meals), sleep, have a better bowel movement and reduced vomiting.

If my husband can do it, so can the other cancer patients!


還記得02/08/2019,醫生證實我先生患上鼻咽癌(第四期A)的那一刻起,心情一度跌破谷底,心痛只有自己知。 。無助。 。



起初,頑固的他,還一拖再拖。 。 。直到他本人聽到太多患癌者身心心靈受折磨的分享,最終也答應買下全套產品來抗癌。


化療藥水所帶來的副作用,往往只有患者本身才會懂。 。所以,負責提醒他須每四小時更換衣服,才能舒解減輕不適。也很高興能看到他有在改善中。




Testimony for Colorectal Cancer

One of our partners from China shares about her sister’s cancer experience.

My sister was diagnosed with colorectal cancer stage 3B in May 2018. After the operation, the surgeon did not explain the importance of follow-up treatment but only said that her survival rate was 50% for the next 5 years. Undeterred, my sister decided to find her own remedy. She could not rest properly after surgery due to the frequent visits to the toilet.

This also meant she could not go out during that period of 2 to 3 months. After that, she transferred to the North Medical Clinic for better quality medical treatment. By that time, it was the fourth month since her first diagnosis, and the cancer cells were found to have spread to her liver.

After removing the cancer cells in her liver, she started her chemotherapy. After her fifth chemotherapy session, she responded strongly to the chemotherapy, causing her reactions such as vomiting, inability to swallow, systemic tingling, severe mucosal damage and low white blood cells.

At that time, I was searching for ways to help her. I even enrolled into an immunology class to learn about nutrition. However, it was really difficult to adjust my sister’s diet as she was unable to eat. Under careful care of her eldest daughter, my sister managed to slowly adjust her diet: eating less but more meals + nutritional health foods, 6 meals a day to improve her diet. But my sister experienced sharp pain in her body which caused her to not be able to sleep deeply and her body had no strength.

Thanks to God ’s grace, I met Shuxian in church. I knew she was promoting negative ions, since I recalled buying for my mother-in-law 20 years ago, boosting my confidence In her. After trying them out personally for a month, I bought negative ion bedding, clothes and supporters for my sister.

30 minutes after wearing the socks, my sister sent me a message saying that the tingling in her feet was reduced. At that point in time, I was so thankful to the Lord that I shouted “Hallelujah!” as I drove back home.

Now that my sister has completed her chemotherapy, she regained good mental and physical strength. She has also begun to share her experience with Negative Ion clothes, helping her friends who are suffering from lung adenocarcinoma and prostate cancer to have better quality sleep, reducing their required dosage of headache pills from eating every day to eating once a week. 

My sister’s friend is now finally able to take care of himself. 
Being able to help people makes my sister feel very happy and be able to earn her own income at the same time. She is now having her vacation in Hangzhou, while sharing about Negative Ion clothes with the locals.

P.S .: My sister will challenge trekking Huangshan tomorrow!

Michael Wong徵求姐姐同意、發文分享我親姐姐罹癌後的保健方法:








Testimony for Colorectal Cancer & Wound Healing

From a partner in Hong Kong

Mr. Liang is 50+ years old from Hong Kong. He was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2015 and had 2 surgeries in the hospital and he had to use a stoma (excretion bag) due to leakages. On 2016-10-14, he had to go for the third operation.

His 17th doctor told his family, “Because the patient’s intestinal wall is weak, the surgeon cannot move too violently during the operation and as a result, he could not find the source of leakage.” The doctor told the patient he had done his best, and still could not find any treatment for him. And if there were any new treatments, he would immediately inform the patient. He also requested for the family to fulfil the patients dreams as much as possible!

Mr Liang laid in bed for 3 days. He couldn’t eat, he couldn’t drink.. even just a sip would cause severe pain and a leak in the belly wound surgery. He could only rely on nutrition fed to him through a needle.

2016 September, Mrs Liang met Mr. Yu who was sharing his experience after using Negative Ion clothes, she saw that Mr Yu’s energy was a lot better than before, so she decided to invest in hope and decisively went to buy a set of negative ion bedsheet, supporters, clothes and other products.

After using them for 1 day, Mr Liang felt so uncomfortably hot! To make it worse, his fellow patients in the hospital remarked that he was cheated. In his disappointment, he immediately removed the clothes and refused to use them.

Fortunately, Mrs Liang reassured him, “Heat is a good thing. When your body temperature increases, your immunity will also increase”. But no matter how much Mrs Liang tried to persuade him, he refused to wear the clothes!

Upset, Mrs Liang told him, “If you do not give yourself the opportunity, how can others help you? It will be tiring for the family to take care of you long term. If you don’t listen, I will not come to see you!” Then she angrily returned to the mainland for a few days and really didn’t visit him.

A few days later, Mrs Liang returned to the hospital to see Mr Liang. He obediently wore all his Negative Ion products. 6 days later, he was once again able to eat properly, and could sit up and drink his own food and even requested for food!*

A few days later, Mr Liang even secretly went to the convenience store to buy chocolate to eat Seeing Mr Liang’s obvious improvement, Mrs Liang went to the office again to buy the most popular Negative Ion blanket with the highest density of Negative Ions and other items for her husband to use. She would wash his clothes every morning and evening, and in short 3 weeks, he managed to remove 11 excretion bags, and could temporarily go home for the winter and the New Year. Within 5 months of using high density of Negative Ions, he was discharged, and often recommend people to buy and use Negative Ion products.

Mr. Liang’s physical condition has since improved to a point he is able to tolerate conventional treatments. His mental state became very good, and did not show other side effects and adverse reactions. The medical staff marvelled at this miracle.

Mrs Liang (in the photo), due to worry and long-term tiredness from caregiving, also started having health problems. Seeing her husband’s improvements, she too started using plenty of Negative Ion clothes.

After using for 7 days, her feet swelled and expelled days of black toxins continuously. She felt giddy and fatigued. Understanding that these were detox reactions, she continued to wrap herself in the Negative Ion blanket and rested.

After 7 days, her discomfort completely improved. Her energy was renewed. Now her whole family is very happy from feeling the amazing effects of the product. Grateful and moved to share, they are spreading the message of health with love. Friends, believe that miracles can really happen! Give yourself a chance and give someone else a chance. It is only with health, can we fully enjoy life!

The above testimonial was generously shared by Mrs Liang and Zhijun.


50来岁的香港人梁先生,2015年發現患上大腸癌,入院開了2次刀做手術,由於有渗漏要使用排泄袋,2016-10-14日進行第三次手術,17號醫生告訴家人說:” 因病人的腸纖維太差,開刀不敢乱動,所以找不到渗漏的地方,醫方對病人的治療已經盡了力,并且找不到任何治療方法,待研究新的治療方法再告訴病人,病人有什麼願望盡量滿足他”!




梁太說:熱是好事,温度提升免疫力就會提升,要穿上,但無論梁太怎苦口婆心的劝說梁生就是拒絕穿著! 梁太一氣之下說:你自己都不給機會自己,别人怎麼帮你? 長期照顧你,家人都筋疲力竭,你不聽話,以後不来看你,然後一氣之下返回大陆幾天不回來。






Testimony for Lung Cancer & Bone Tumour

From a partner in Hong Kong


Immunotherapy is said to be the future trend for treating cancer, but how many people can afford the medical expenses of $50,000 to $60,000 per month?

Mdm Huang, putting her faith in Negative Ion clothes, spent $40,000 HKD to purchase a full set of Negative Ion products. She had worn them for 3 years and only going for surgeries and check-ups in hospital, she has not undergone any chemotherapy.

In 2015, Mdm Huang was diagnosed with the last stage of lung cancer at a public hospital in Hong Kong. The doctor proclaimed that she only had 3 more months to live. At that point in time, Mdm Huang’s condition did not permit her to operate, so the doctor suggested for her to do 8 sessions of chemotherapy.

Mdm Huang was very depressed and went to seek advice from Ms Xu from the temple she goes to. Thankfully Ms Xu, who uses Negative Ion products, knew that these products can help Mdm Huang’s condition. So with her advice, Mdm Huang decided to purchase a full set of Negative Ion Clothes.

Mdm Huang began using her Negative Ion clothes in August 2015. Using the Negative Ion blanket as her bed cover, she wore large quantities of Negative Ion clothes all day, changing them every 4 hours to wash.

After 3 months, she received good news from the hospital that she can finally undergo surgery. After the surgery, Mdm Huang’s condition improved! 2 years since then, she did not even need any chemotherapy.

Mdm Huang also had a bone tumour, giving her huge lumps at her legs, making her legs very inflexible. Her daughter had to massage her legs every night but since wearing Negative Ion clothes, the lump became softer and now, Mdm Huang’s daughter does not have to massage her legs every night. Mdm Huang can even go out on her own, without being accompanied by her family members.

The condition of each individual varies. Some can achieve the same result with just 1 and a half full set of Negative Ion clothes, like Mdm Huang. However, a typical cancer patient requires at least 3 full set of Negative Ion Clothes. They are encouraged to wear large quantities all day long and change every worn set every 4 hours, because using large quantity is key, to attain the desired quantities of Negative Ions. How much? Read Here.

If these clothes can improve the quality of life, or better extend life, it is truly something worth trying!

Helping family members alleviate their pains and live peacefully for the rest of their days is also a way to show our filial piety. Miracles can happen if you give it a chance to happen!

Rejecting this kind of possibility denies the possibility of hope for a loved one’s health and future… Their future also lies in your hands!



Testimony for Acute Myeloid Leukemia (Blood Cancer), Pulmonary Edema

Thanks to our Taiwanese partner Shi Chong Xi for sharing. Published.

Health really is priceless, prevention is better than treatment. We have to treasure our body.

Life is hard to predict. June 2002 was a huge turning point in my life. I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, also known as “blood cancer”.

In the beginning, I caught a cold and the condition didn’t improve. I saw 4 different doctors over a period of 1 month, and all of them said it was just a cold. However, my body felt unwell – headaches, diarrhoea, poor appetite, weight loss. At first, I thought it was due to my hectic work schedule until the dark spots in my eye become larger.

I knew something was off, and so went to Lin Kou Chang Gung hospital to do an eye check and other scans. The doctor said it was an abnormal intraocular haemorrhage and advised to continue further check-ups. I showed the doctor the little red spots on my leg because I was allergic to some medicine, but the doctor merely thought they were bleeding spots.

That following night was a nightmare, it was when I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia after the blood test. My life came crumbling.

Chemotherapy started after the checkup. Because of my weak resistance, I came down with Pulmonary Edema and non-stop diarrhoea, it was a critical situation. The hospital also issued a critically ill notice, but my parents did not give up on me, bringing me large quantities of Negative Ion clothes into the isolation room for me to use.

I am grateful to my doctor-in-charge because he also knew the benefits of Negative Ion clothes and while I was warded, he allowed me to use 3 sets of Negative Ion clothes. This included a set of shirt and pants, supportive sets (arm/knee guard) and bedding.

My chemotherapy caused me to have high fevers and I perspired a lot. I had to change my Negative Ion clothes every 3 to 4 hours. The blanket was filled with alcohol smell after using for 3 days and had to be changed constantly. It was then, I had realised that it was thanks to Negative Ion clothes that sped up the detox of the chemical drugs.

Many chemotherapy patients have to undergo Hemodialysis or suffer from kidney or liver failure due to poor excretion of these chemical drugs. It is critical to have healthy blood cells during this hospitalisation period. The slower the recovery of blood cells, the higher the chance of viral infections which many patients have died from.

Because I had been using large quantities of Negative Ion clothes, my blood cell recovery was faster from all my 9 chemotherapy sessions. I even felt my body getting stronger as compared to other patients.

After completing all the chemotherapy sessions, all that’s left was to wait for a bone marrow transplant and a suitable donor. During that time, the chance of getting infected with the SARS virus was relatively high, so patients who are undergoing transplant had to have enough physical strength and not get any viral infections. My Negative Ion clothes allowed me to go through that process safe and sound.

The bone marrow transplant is a very difficult process. Like farming, the seed had to be planted in the soil and fertilised for the seed to grow. I am so grateful that the large amounts of Negative Ion clothes allowed my body to be maintained at optimal condition.

In general, patients with general allografts needs to stay in the bone marrow transplant room for more than 40 days. Thankfully, after only 28 days, I could be discharged. But in the following days after being discharged, I had to eat lots of steroids and anti-rejection drugs.

Fortunately, with each return visit to the hospital, my dosage dropped and in 2005 January, I did not have to eat any more medication. It was just one and a half years after the transplant. Besides regular checkups, I did not have to be hospitalised. I could even achieve my dream of visiting Egypt for a month that March of 2005.

If it weren’t for these amazing Negative Ion clothes, how would I have got the physical strength to go overseas?

Treatment of any diseases is very time sensitive, and prevention is better than cure. Health is priceless. One should treasure their body. Don’t reject something like Negative Ion clothes, which can really help prevent illness and boost the immune system, just because you may think you are young and healthy.

Now, with my life changed, I am embracing this as a wonderful career, sharing the wonders of Negative Ions. I am especially grateful to my parents for encountering such a wonderful product. Thanks to Han Wu for introducing my mother to the world of Negative Ion clothes almost ten years ago. I am also thankful to the company for creating such high-technology Negative Ion clothes, allowing me to have a new lease of life!




初期感冒一直不好,前后一个月的时间到一般诊所陆续看了四位医生,医生们都断定为感冒,但是身体一直感觉不舒服。头昏,拉肚子,胃口差,体重下降,原以为是工作 的忙碌造成的,直到眼前出现越来越 大黑点,才惊觉事态严重,到林口长庚医院眼科检查做了眼球超音波后,医生认为这是不正常的眼球内部出血,建议到医科作进一步检查,曾经对药物过敏,所以将腿上出现很多的小红点给医科医生看,医生认为不是药物过敏而是出血点。





在做完所有的化疗疗程之后就是等待骨髓移植的配对和捐赠者,适时SARS期间感染 病毒机会相对的高,接受移植的人必须要有体力也不能 有任何病菌的感染,负离子健康衣服让我安然的度过那段人人都害怕的时期。

骨髓移植是很辛苦的,就像农人种植一样,把种子种在土壤里,需要 土地肥沃让种子发芽茁壮。很庆幸的是我大量使用负离子健康衣,让我 的身体抱持在最好的状态。

一般异体移植的病人大概都要在骨髓移植室里待上40天以上,而 我在短短的28天就能出院回家。刚出院时每天都须吃很多的类固醇和抗排斥药物,随着每次回诊药量就持续一次次的减少,到2005年一月就不用吃任何药了。现在移植后一年半 除了定期回诊外不曾住过院,而且也让我在2005年的三月完成了我去埃及 旅游一个月的梦想。


任何疾病的防治贵在把握时效,预防胜过治疗。健康是无价的。要好好爱惜自己的身体,更不要认为自己还年轻,还健康,而拒绝可以预防 疾病,提升免疫力的负离子健康衣。

现在, 我专从事 这份美好的事业。特别感恩我父母亲接触到这么棒的产品,感谢龙汉首席,在十年前引领我母亲进入负离子健康的世界。更感谢公司引进这么高科技的负离子衣服,让我有一个新的而且不同的生活。

Testimony for Second Stage Thyroid Carcinoma and Third stage Lung cancer

From Hua Lien’s Lin Yi Jing

I have been working at a chemical factory for over 20 years, infected with high carcinogens and suffered from second stage thyroid carcinoma, and third stage lung cancer. The doctor said that it was a must to do chemotherapy.

However, after witnessing some friends who have done cancer chemotherapy for a year or two and spending all their fortune and yet not seeing any improvements, I have decided to use that sum of money to invest in multiple sets of Negative Ion clothes to test out.

I have been using large quantities of Negative Ion clothes every day since, sleeping on two layers of Negative Ion blankets and covering with two layers of Negative Ion blanket. Two years later, after going for a CT scan, the doctor said that my cancer cells index dropped a lot.

I am very fortunate to have come across something as amazing as Negative Ion clothes! As much as I suffered from 2 types of cancers, I can still live life freely and without worry.





Testimony for Bone Cancer and Shoulder Tumour

Six operations over 7 years, used Negative Ion clothes to help make her difficult days easier.

From Hong Kong, May is a retired nurse from a Hong Kong public hospital. In 2011, she was diagnosed with second stage bone cancer on her right shoulder. She did six major operations over a period of 11 to 12 years because of the rapid spreading of cancer cells to both of her lungs.

The doctor who operated on May was worried about her and cheered her on because she was always alone for all the major operations, yet she kept smiling and never dropped a single tear… The doctor really admired her!

After the operation, May would use large quantities of Negative Ion clothes to cover her wounds, wearing multiple layers of Negative Ion clothes and covered herself with the Negative Ion blanket to make her wounds heal better.

After 2.5 years of using Negative Ion products, her cancer cells disappeared completely, returning her back to a healthy and normal woman again. When the doctor first told her that everything was back to normal, May burst uncontrollably into tears.

It was the first time that she cried since the day she was diagnosed with cancer. May added, that very night when she returned home her family of four joyously hugged and cried because she has made it through!

Negative Ion clothes had drastically changed both her life and her family’s. May is very grateful to have chanced upon these Negative Ion clothes and returning to live a normal life again.

This story above was an oral account by May. She now happily shares her story to many people with health needs.


#肩肿瘤入侵肺 共手术六次,使用负离子产品轻松的帮她渡过了那段非常艰难的日子,至今七年。

来自香港的这位May姐,是一位香港公立医院退休护士。2O11年被 验出右手肩膀有骨癌,而且系第二期。在11至12年间共做了6次大手术,因为她的癌细胞很快扩散到两边肺部,为她开刀的主治医生都为她担忧也为她喝彩,因为每次大手术她都自己一个人来,面带笑容,没流过一滴眼泪…医生都佩服这位女汉子!在手术后她大量用负离子覆盖伤口, 穿大量负离子衣服和盖被子,伤势好得很顺利,当她用负离子2年半后,她的癌细胞完全消失了,让她变回一个健健康康的正常人。



Testimony for Colorectal Colon #Cancer Stage 3 Advance

From Singapore – Jamil 30 Aug 2018

– 23 Dec 2016, diagnosed with Colorectal Colon Cancer Stage 3 Advance.

– On 23 Jan 2018, was declare as Stage 4 Terminal with life expectancy is likely <12 months.

– Undergone surgery to remove 15 cm of intestines and on stoma bag since then.

– Went for numerous CT scan, 1-time PET scan & 1-time colonoscopy.

– Went 26 times of chemo with 3 different type of drug, from oral intake pills, intravenous therapy & Port-A-Cath chemo therapy. Life was HELL from then onwards!!!

– Doctor recommended trying the 4th type of drug which I declined and decided to stop chemo on 16 Aug 2018. 4th drugs side effects were far more worst than the 3rd drug i.e eye, ear, nose bleeds.

– After surgery, CEA tumor count rises from 76.8 in Apr 2017 to 864 in Dec 2017. Counts continue to fluctuate between 443+ to 148+ then rises again to 349.6 (latest CEA count from the blood test taken on 16.8.18).

– From then onward immune was weak, red & white blood cell was bad. Everything in my body is a mess.

– Took a different type of supplement but worked at a very slow pace.

– Spend $104,000 for total medical expenses from the medical appointment, blood test, scans, chemo 26 times and warded etc.

– Spent $11,000 plus on Negative Ion clothes and continue buying to regain my health back & the results are FANTASTIC!!!

– Decided to start using the Negative Ion clothes after meeting Chee Keong somewhere in Apr/May 2018.

– Took me 4 months to decide to purchase the Negative Ion clothes but I never regretted using the Negative Ion products.

– This is my results after using the Negative Ion clothes in just 18 hours with FULL SET!

The following was my message to Susan:

“Good afternoon Susan AM+, just want to update you.
– After wearing from 15/8@4pm till 16/8@1130am
– 1st day – was not able to sleep till 4 am. Maybe because I drank coffee at 11 pm. (The product is doing its work)
– 2nd day – body starts to detox, turned on aircon.
– 3rd day – went toilet, don’t know how many times.
– 4th day – could feel a different blood circulation rate in my head and heart.
– 5th day – neck left can feel the pain. (Suffering from a migraine many years)
– 6th day – stomach keeps growling.
– 7th day – leg felt very tired.
– 8th day – so far no itching.
– 9th day – right side back & left knee felt like aching. (left knee injuries during teenage)
– Wow! Really rejuvenate by the whole body and still ongoing…
– Oops got some more…
– 10th day – throat felt dry.
– 11th day – always thirsty.
– 12th day – urine very clear.
– 13th day – pain on my rectum did not occur anymore (frequently pain like needle poking during chemo).
– 14th day – stool was normal like pastry, not watery or hardened (was hardened or sometime watery when or during chemo)
– 15th day – my numbness on my both feet left about 10% (yesterday having difficulty to walk, now feel like walking from Jurong to changi…superb!)
– 16th day – my ingrown toenail pain reduced to 40%.

– From 15 Aug 2018, after using the FULL SET of Negative Ion products, my immune is good, appetite was excellent, sleep in peace, always energetic.

– Next appointment is Oct 2018 with CT Scan & Blood test. I will update and continue to write my testimony about Negative Ion clothes.

– From there, all my family, parents, uncles, aunties and nephews started using Negative Ion products.
– I have proven on all my medical records i.e blood test, scans results etc & excellent feedback from families, uncles, aunties & nephews that are using Negative Ion clothes.

– Many thanks to Susan, Chee Keong and all the teams for the fantastic product. Thank you all!!!
– As God wills, please pray for my success.”



2018年 8月 30日

我是Jamil。我在 2016 年 12月 23日 被诊断出结肠癌第3期。两年后的2018年1月23日,又被诊断癌细胞恶化成第4期 而且只有12 个月左右的生命。

我立刻接受医生建议的所有治疗,动手术 切除15公分的大肠,身上也安置着瘘袋。

之后我经过了许多次电脑断层扫描(CT Scan), 1次正电子发射计算机断层摄片扫描 (PET Scan), 1 次结肠镜检查。



我的手术是2017年4月之前。但癌值数不降反升。从76.8 升 到 2017年12月的 864。值数徘徊在443和148之间。遗憾的是 我最新在2018年8月16日的验血报告中,癌值数是349.6。 我所接受的一切疗程无法让我好转起来。

疗程中,我的免疫系统功能都下降许多。我的身体糟透了。我也同时使用不同的保健品 但是功效缓慢。

所有疗程 包括 化疗,住院,扫描检查,验血等, 花了我 新币$104000!


我在2018年4月份 遇到 志强区域经理。4 个月后,我毅然投资了 妮芙露 负离子健康衣服产品。

在短短的 18个小时里,我产生了以下的好转反应!

“ 束珊 高级区域经理 午安, 我记录了我从昨天8月15日 下午 4点 到现在早上11.30的好转反应

2. 开空调,身体大量排毒
3. 不断上厕所
4. 感觉得到血液在头部和心脏循环
6. 肚子咕噜地响着
8. 身体止痒了
9. 右边背部和左膝盖酸痛 (我少年时代留下的旧伤)

目前为止 太棒了! 我真的感受到负离子的一大功效—-活化细胞!


10. 喉咙干燥
11. 口渴
12. 尿液清晰
13. 直肠因为化疗常常有的针孔身上,非常疼痛。现在不痛了。
14. 排泄物正常。结肠癌的—个症状是排泄物比平时细
15. 昨天我因为脚麻痹得厉害,走起路来很困难。现在我只觉得 —点麻,真想立刻上街走走!太好了!
16. 嵌甲脚甲入肉的疼痛也减少许多”

妮芙露出产的负离子健康衣服和产品 的 功效太明显了! 我在2018年8月15日投质了新币$11000以上的产品。我大量使用全套。 这两星期以来, 我的免疫力增强了,食欲变佳,睡得更甜,活力气沛!

我的下一个检查是2018年10月。我会继续把使用妮芙露 产品的亲身体验都记录好 然后 和大家分享。

这两星期对我和家人是美好的。我把产品也介绍给我的父母,叔叔阿姨 舅舅舅妈 和 侄亲们。他们也大量使用,反应也非常好。

我很感谢 束珊高级区域经理,志强区域经理 和 团队的帮助。谢谢妮芙露!


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