Chiara Lubich – Prophet of Unity

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Maurizio Gentilini (b. Rovereto, 1969) is a historian and archivist born in Rovereto near Trent, Italy. He has worked at the Diocesan Archives of Trent, at the Luigi Sturzo Institute in Rome and currently works at the National Research Council in the Department of Human Sciences.

He has carried out research and published books and articles on the history of libraries and archives, the history of political parties, the Italian and European Catholic world, the Italian statesman Alcide De Gasperi, and the history of pacifism.

He is a freelance journalist and has worked with numerous Italian and European universities and cultural institutions.

Gentilini, who is not a member of the Focolare Movement, has produced this biography to coincide with the occasion of the centenary of Lubich’s birth.

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