Collodial Silver Gel PM

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New and enhanced for Pain Relief from minor cuts and scrapes – 100% Natural
Health benefits of Colloidal Silver Gel
Colloidal silver is a traditional remedy that people have used for centuries to treat open cuts, bruises, rashes and scrapes. In most hospitals, silver is used in wound dressings and surgical bandaging to prevent infection and speed healing. Another mainstream use of silver is that manufacturers weave it into “no stink” workout apparel and athletic gear to keep microbes and their odors down to a minimum.

AB Centrix, R&D is introducing a new and improved version of this Colloidal Silver gel. We have programmed our Healing XL, CBD and Pain frequencies into this silver gel, for a safe and reliable way to help with:

Cuts and wounds, Anti-Microbial
Scrapes and Rashes, Anti-Bacterial
Sore Muscles Relief
Toe Fungus, Athlete’s Feet
Pain and inflammation associated with wounds
And a number of other minor skin problems
Because Colloidal silver is a solution that consists of very small silver particles suspended in a liquid. A “colloid” is a liquid that evenly distributes certain particles within it, (24 PPM). Our researchers found that this silver gel can be programmed with bio frequencies which are helpful in reducing inflammation; the main source of pain. With the added benefit of CBD frequencies, it can also boost the immune system, and combat inflammation.

For topical use only.Colloidal Silver Gel (PM) can be used on cuts and scrapes, minor burns (including sunburn), acne, cold sores, rashes, athlete’s foot, insect bites, and other minor skin irritation. It’s a perfect solution for everyday anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and muscle tension relief.

Tube Size: 4oz


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