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Testimony for Mother with Diabetes

✨ Nina’s mother’s experience of using negative ions for 10 months✨

The best thing I can do for my mother… is to buy negative ions clothing n blanket for her.

Isn’t it the responsibility of the children to do everything possible to make their mother healthy ?

When our mother is healthy, we can be assured that there is no need to take her to d doctor s

My mother suffered a minor stroke thirteen years ago;
Had diabetes and high blood pressure.

Long-term medication makes us really worried

I still remembered accompanying her to see Western dr and TCM for acupuncture and moxibustion treatments on a regular basis, and taking a lot of health food in addition to medications.

Improvement of her condition was not obvious, and she grew to hate swallowing pills

I often see that my mother was lethargic, suffered from poor quality sleep,  knee degeneration pain n often tires easily. 

After using negative ions clothings n blanket for 10 months great improvement is noticed.

I felt very grateful❣️My mother is getting better. She’s able to sleep well , her mood improved,  immunity strengthened, not afraid of weather changes , not easily tired n full of energy.

Glycemic index dropped from an average of 9-10  to 5-6 
Blood circulation has improved and blood pressure remains stable
Relieve inflammation. Knee pain is greatly reduced  when walking up and down stairs
Delays cataract and degeneration. 

Thanks to the negative ion fiber in helping countless families
We only have one mother in this world. There is no other  who can replace your cherished mother. Therefore give her d best by giving her Nefful.


我已經長大了這些年來我認真想想.. 真心覺

得自己為媽媽做得最好的事………….. 就是……. 就是買了負離子給媽媽用

但是~只要媽媽健康 子女就放心,媽媽健康就不用帶媽媽去看醫生
看到媽媽變了長期病患者,需要長期吃很多藥長期抗戰… 令我們實在太擔憂

還記得當初陪她去看西醫、中醫、定期做很多針灸療程、日常除了吃藥還要吃很多保健食品… 但是功效都不大明顯,漸漸令她討厭吞藥丸很痛苦


✨ 暴風形(約)使用負離子10個月後大變身

舒緩炎症. 膝蓋痛大改善,上落樓梯不再有針吉
減緩了白內障問題減緩退化. 保養眼睛


❤ 層次由底層開始強化,增強免疫系統為主,打好個底準備隨時打仗,呢個產品能夠幫你找回自身防禦能力,自身最原始的自愈力,預防永遠勝於治療


Testimony for Type II Diabetes

Type  II Diabetes 26 years,  High Blood Pressure and Arteries Blockage. Koh Ah Meng PBM. Singaporean.

Used Whole Set – In 1995 I was diagnosed with diabetes my blood sugar was 450. On that day my life became was like in the state of hell.The doctor prescribed me with insulin.

Doctor said I need  start off with insulin because sugar level is too high. I spent 26 years switching doctor to doctor western and Tcm spending  too much and monies making myself a guinea pig for all their prescribed medication and supplements products.

In 2010 my lower part of both legs turned black and few area of my leg will numbed. My daily insulin intake roses to 48cc mornings and 42cc evening. Around that period I faced my first artery blockage,  and it spread over 20 years with 5 arteries required to go through Angioplasty surgeries, my last artery go through surgery in late 2017, total 12 stents will inserted into all my blockages arteries.

In late 2016 my right leg developed into diabetic ulcer and the wound was there for few weeks,  I refuse to admit to hospital, worried that my leg be amputated. I contacted NET Sze Poh my closed mate. I reviewed to him about my  legs conditions, eventually  without any delay he introduced the full set clothing to me with money back guarantee.

With Net Sze Poh advice I started wearing the clothing after 10 days my ulcer closed up,  NET SZe Poh advive me to increased my legs support items to speed the healing.

Today my insulin intake reduced to 25-28 daily and my short breath problems which I face after my last surgery in late 2017.

Even when I do quick movement to my body by brushing my teeth and walking a short distance I no longer have breathing difficulty.

All my toes, numbed area and blacken leg has improved tremendously. My gratitude to Nefful for such a high-tech products,  Grateful to my introducer NET SZe Poh for his patience and continue advice. That’s my Testimony.

Testimony for Diabetes for 5 Years

My ex-colleague started suffering from diabetes 5 years ago (at the age of 59). Since then, she was on medication and no-rice diet. Although there was some improvement afterwards, she was not able to enjoy food as in the past.  She started using Nefful full set in end of 2017.

In May 2018, the lab test result showed that her HbA1c dropped to 6.5 (4.5-6.4 is considered non-diabetic). She then resumed rice diet under doctor’s permission.

To her surprise, in Nov 2018 her HbA1c even dropped further to 6.2. The doctor mentioned that she might be able to stop medication if her condition improve further and remain stable.

She is very grateful to Nefful’s fantastic products for giving her a better health to enjoy life.


在2017年尾她開始使用全套妮芙露産品。2018年5月的化驗結果顯示她的糖化血紅蛋白跌至6.5 (4.5-6.4為非糖尿病)。在醫生的批准下,她開始吃回白飯。在2018年11月,她驚訝地發現她的糖化血紅蛋白更跌至6.2。醫生說如果再有改善和情況穩定,會考慮讓她停藥。


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