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My son started to develop eczema on the edge of his finger when he was eight years old. After seeing many doctors, the problem persisted and he gradually got used to living with it.

At the age of twelve, whole body eczema began to break out in the middle of the year when the primary six exam was taken. After seeing a dermatologist, the situation was still not ideal, and the eczema was controlled after the exam.

At the age of fourteen, eczema recurred again.  At the age of fifteen, due to academic pressure and exceptionally busy extracurricular activities, skin problems broke out again and it became out of control.  It couldn’t be controlled even though I see doctor and apply medicine.

The medicine will improve a bit but relapse again, and the efficacy of the medicine is getting shorter and shorter each time.

During this period, I have seen countless Chinese medicine, western medicine, dermatologists, ancient herbs and alternative therapies.

I came into contact with Negative Ion products in November 2018. The first two months of use improved a bit, but the situation repeated and sometimes worsened. We came to understand the improvement response of the product, and insist on letting my son use it and change it extensively.

One year later, the ulcers began to decrease. In December 2019, all medications and moisturizers were completely stopped, and negative ion clothing was used extensively. The wounds began to heal in March 2020.

In April 2020 this year, due to the epidemic situation, the products are used extensively at home for a long time, and the situation improved 100%.

My son also promised me for the first time on Mother’s Day in May, and he can publicly witness it on social media.

Thanks to Negative Ions clothing.

#for the first time heard echo about her hand eczema  She also made a funny gesture of gamblers rubbing sesame sauce!

Her hand eczema problem has plagued her for years  It really started to improve significantly after she invested in a full range of products for herself in June this year!

– Not only does the recurring area get smaller
– Relief of swelling and swelling in the eczema area
– The wound also scabs over faster!

Sometimes Western Medicine Can’t Solve Problems

There are even side effects due to long-term use of the drug

The answer can be found here in negative ions

~Give your body a reconditioning and awaken its ability to heal itself.
Negative ions are definitely the best choice!

The picture above is a testimonial picture of my daughter’s use process.

My daughter has been using negative ion fiber for more than 7 years, and I have not written about her experience in using it. She started using it in the first grade of elementary school.

Why would I choose to use it for her?

Because when she was a few months old, she had eczema. It started at the corners of her mouth. After she got older, the corners of her mouth disappeared, but it spread to her hands and joints.

After school, she is more afraid of holding hands with children, and often puts her hands behind her back. As a mother, I see it and feel pain in my heart.

Her eczema problem has always troubled our family. At the beginning, we went to see a western doctor. Usually, the doctor would prescribe steroids and moisturizing ointment for us. At the beginning, steroids were effective. Later, the skin became bruised and black.

On the Internet, I learned that steroids have many side effects on the human body. I was very scared, so I decisively gave up the Western medicine method.

Western medicine is not good, then switch to Chinese medicine!  As a result, when I gave the boiled Chinese medicine to my daughter, it was a hard work!  Drinking a bowl of traditional Chinese medicine can take an hour and I can’t continue it. I really can’t go on the road of feeding Chinese medicine, so I give up.

Later, I switched to natural therapy. Friends recommended folk remedies, such as applying sweet almond oil, coconut oil, eating linseed oil, doing exercise, air purifiers, and Master Yan Hao’s eczema remedies. The final result is not completely ineffective, but only  soothing.

In 2014, my old colleague in Shenzhen, Man En, has been sharing Japanese negative ion fibers with me. At first, I didn’t believe it. After all, it’s incredible that wearing clothes and covering quilts can make people healthy. I’m really grateful to Man En.

She didn’t give up sharing negative ions with me until half a year later, on February 6, 2015. In order to give face, I went to Nefful Company to learn more about it. Unexpectedly, such a move gave my daughter a chance to be healthy.

Investing in negative ion clothing for my daughter, she used it for a month, and the skin on her hands gradually faded and became smooth. I saw this effect and couldn’t help admiring the Japanese scientific research technology, which is really strong.

In the process of using it, my daughter had repeated episodes of eczema in the first 3 years, but it was much better than before the use of negative ions. After the fourth year of use, the sensitive constitution was completely improved, the eczema was broken, and the skin  White and tender.

Even my cold physique has improved. I am really grateful to Nefful for producing such a high-tech negative ion fiber to keep my daughter healthy and give me peace of mind.










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