Email Server #3 – 50 GB

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Your own email server / storage (IMAP) with enhanced control over standard email providers.

Unlimited domains may be set up on your mail server. Unlimited email addresses and aliases also. You’re only limited by the storage space and you can set individual limits to each “mailbox” i.e. > 10gb and > 10gb – out of 50gb – you have 30gb spare to allocate to another (mailbox) user/recipient (or you may increase current limits).

This is a managed service. However, you may also co-manage your server. Adding of email addresses and aliases are free. However, tracking, spam adjustment, whitelisting, blacklisting and general consultancy or alteration of mail settings are chargeable at $20 per 20 minutes.

We recommend adding: Managed DNS to this purchase…or replace it with a Subscription plan.


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