Erotic Persona Meditation

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Your psyche holds the gifts that are waiting to be unearthed and brought to light. Within this meditation you will be guided to the meeting and exploration of your Empowered Erotic Persona. Within the exploration of this part of you, the gifts will start to emerge. Doing Persona work is sure to be, quite possibly one of the most surprising things you will ever do. Our Personas are steeped with power, wisdom, expression, creativity, a sense of coming home to yourself, magic, super powers beyond anything you can imagine.  Look for my upcoming classes that are a beautiful addition to this meditation. I look forward to seeing who shows up to offer you your gifts in this meditation.

-Fully HD compliant

-VR capable

-Beautiful vocals from a world class meditation author and expert Christine Borschneck

-Supra and subliminal frequency induction

-Meditation length 15 minutes


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