Even Introverts Can Sell

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Even Introverts Can Sell: Strategies to turn your introversion into sales explosion

Embrace Your Inner Strengths and You Too Can Succeed in Sales In the field of selling, extroverts are often perceived to do better due to their charismatic and outgoing personality. However, more and more introverts are building successful sales careers as the sales landscape shifts from one that is predominantly about sales hunting, to one that begins to favour sales farming. Even Introverts Can Sell helps you to understand introversion, debunks the myth that selling is reserved for extroverts, and shows you a step-by-step I.M.P.A.C.T sales process that you can follow and find success in the sales industry. In this book, you will also find tested-and-proven sales strategies, action plans and tips that will guide you to take advantage of your inner strengths to enjoy a rewarding career in sales.


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