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Whether it’s the pains of formatting or the radio silence from clients, the proposal process can be frustrating for all involved.

Fresh Proposals helps you create attractive proposals complete with interactive quotes, e-signatures, and precise analytics.

Fresh Proposals gives you access to professionally designed proposal templates that are completely customizable.

The template library covers a variety of systems and sectors, so you can find one that suits your liking.

From there, add in your own content and customize the format for a perfect fit.

Choose from dozens of professional, customizable templates to kickstart your proposal!

The online drag-and-drop editor makes template customization even easier.

You can add blocks like text, images, fees, signatures, shapes and even videos to make each template your own, then move the blocks anywhere.

Pricing tables let you add fees like fixed, recurring, or unit-quantity to the document, as well as include taxes or discounts.

You’ll also have control over whether the client can add/remove items from the price list. It’s all calculated at the end automatically.

Use the drag-and-drop online editor to easily craft the perfect proposal!

The email wizard helps you organize outbound proposals.

You can use the existing email templates or create your own template for sending along the goods.

Fresh Proposals also includes template options for nudging clients or sending thank you emails with links to download a copy of the accepted proposal.

Use email templates for outbound proposals or nudging clients!

With this innovative platform, clients are able to interact with the proposal, instead of just sending it back and asking for changes across a monster email string.

Fresh Proposals offers e-signatures, interactive pricing, comments, and real-time notifications to make communication super smooth.

Once you send your proposal along, the client can sign it and be ready to go with the prices all hammered out.

E-signatures and interactive pricing lets you quickly come to terms on your proposals!

In-depth analytics within the platform give you insight into how effective your proposals actually are.

You’ll see which section the client has viewed, how many times they’ve viewed it, and for how long.

Plus, you’ll get instant notifications when clients open, comment on, or accept your proposal to save you a bunch of emails.

Get detailed insights like sections viewed and time spent on each part of your proposal!

A business proposal shouldn’t have the emotional toll of sliding a “Do you like me?” note in your crush’s locker. (“I spent two hours shading the bubble letters.”)

Fresh Proposals streamlines the entire process with eye-catching templates, drag-and-drop editing, and interactive pricing, with a simple digital dotted line for partners to sign.

Now it’s your turn to say, “I do.”

Get lifetime access to Fresh Proposals today!

P.S. Learn how to use Fresh Proposals like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!


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