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Testimony for Trigger Finger

I am glad that my trigger finger got better without going through surgery! Now the pain is all gone, and this is all thanks to negative ions products. My recovery journey involves wearing negative ions gloves every night to ensure sufficient exposure to negative ions. In 3 weeks, the pain is all gone already! I also noticed the skin on my hands becomes fairer and smoother as well, which is a bonus haha! I am very thankful to my friend who recommended me these supportive health products!


Testimonial for Arthritis

My First Sharing About Negative Ions Products I have been suffering from arthritis for a very long time and although I went for several body checks, the results always showed that there was nothing wrong with me.

Arthritis has been troubling me for at least 3 years and my condition was only getting worse. Last year, I experienced recurring acute attacks which were painful and devastating. At that point in time, I had to rely on anti-inflammatory medicines prescribed by my doctors to help relieve the agonizing pain caused by inflammation. As a result, my weight increased rapidly.

Worse still, I was diagnosed with dysautonomia. My health problems greatly affected my personal life and quality of life.

In April this year, a good friend of mine recommended negative ions products. At first, I did not believe her as I was always sceptical of direct sales. But I thought to myself that there was no harm trying out the negative ions wrist & knee guards since they were not supplements that I had to eat (and will not cause direct harm to my body). Besides, even if they did not help my swollen knees, I could still wear them as accessories during the summer and winter seasons.

With this mindset, I have been wearing them every night and day since then. I was pleasantly surprised by the effects when I realised one day that my body felt different! My knees swelled less and the recurrent attacks were less frequent and when it happened, it was shorter and less painful – I felt like I didn’t rely on medication anymore! I also noticed that even after drinking red wine or liquor, my knees do not hurt that much as before.

To my dear friends out there, I would recommend you to try Nefful negative ions products if you have any chronic conditions that haven’t improved even after visiting doctors or if you simply want to improve the health of your older family members at home.

I’m grateful for these products because my knees would not have been better if I did not take the opportunity to try them. Most importantly, these products are natural, so you do not have to worry about any adverse effects from using them!



甚至喝了红白酒,啤酒居然也没什么发作!之前膝盖肿到都快看不到骨头的形状,现在慢慢觉得膝盖有骨感。 如果觉得自己的老毛病一直没有改善,不妨给自己一个机会使用看看!如果想帮助家里老人家身体保健,不妨花点钱帮助他们舒缓的机会!!如果当初我没给自己机会使用,现在的关节也不会好转。这负离子产品并不会过期,天然且对身体无副作用,这是最重要的!

Testimony for High cholesterol, thyroid gland, joint pain & sleep

One of my customers, Peggy, had high cholesterol, thyroid gland issues, joint pain problems and poor quality of sleep. Last year, she started using the Negative Ion Clothes supporters and underwear. A year later, started to layer with the bed sheet and blanket, strengthening the concentration of negative ions. Within ten months, her cholesterol reduced, joint pains improved and spine began to straighten. Now, she’s in good spirits! I just met her and she’s very happy to share her experience with others! Awesome!

这是我一位顾客peggy/她有高胆固醇/ 甲状腺及关节疼痛的问题!睡眠质量差!从去

Testimony for Left Hand Numbness, Tendon Spurs in the Left Wrist, Hand Eczema, Bronchitis, Insomnia

Bao Meidi (Dallas of USA)
Product use: whole set

Left-hand numbness and powerlessness have constantly plagued me. One morning I woke up and found that there was a very uncomfortable tendon spur in my left wrist. It would hurt simply from touch. My doctor told me to cut back on my housework and that there was no good method of treatment available.

After using a Teviron glove, my tendon spurs disappeared and my hand numbness went away.  I went on to use the whole Teviron set of negative ion clothes. Some months later, my hand eczema disappeared.

Having been a teacher for a long time, my throat is hoarse and inflamed but those symptoms have also disappeared. I have a friend who takes sleeping pills at night. I recommended him to use the Teviron blanket, and he slept well for the whole night and without using any sleeping pills. He now uses the Teviron clothing, and his insomnia has disappeared.

Testimony for Sore waist, Shoulder and Neck Stiffness, Foot Pain, Constipation, Hepatitis

Hu Xiuduan
Product Use: whole set  

My business is in the market, and this requires standing for a long time and making my waist and back ache, caused shoulder and neck stiffness and pain from aching feet. These symptoms were very uncomfortable and painful and I worried that it would affect my business. I used a complete set of Teviron clothing and after only one month, I felt obvious improvement.

After using it for five months, I experienced complete recovery from my pains. The most important improvements for me were the relief from long-term constipation, and a female problem, I no longer need to buy medication from the drug store.

The work these negative ion clothing Teviron from Nefful really can’t really be immediately seen, but if you wear it you will understand that something amazing is happening. A friend had hepatitis, and when I told him about the Nefful health clothing he bought a complete set.

Although he half-believed and half-doubted the results, after ten days of wearing the clothing,  he went for an examination in the hospital and discovered that his hepatitis was cured! He told me that the negative ion clothing really was a mystery. Truly, helping others is a joy.

Testimony for Macular Degeneration, Joints Pain, Tendonitis, Aging Spots, Sun Damage, Wrinkles

Product use: whole set
Gwen Spires, Fullerton, CA 

My name is Gwen Spires. I am 70 years old. In June of 2005 my vision became blurred. The ophthalmologist diagnosed me with macular degeneration. I was told there was nothing that would help except to take vitamins to slow down the progression of this degenerating eye disease which eventually would cause me to go blind.

I was very depressed and started thinking of all the things that would happen when my eyesight leaves me. About 4 weeks later I was introduced to an amazing product called Teviron imported from Japan by my friend Nancy.

At first, I thought this was some kind of scam; but, thinking that I would go blind eventually, I gave myself a chance. I started using these products of clothing and bedding including an eye mask and a hat made of Teviron fibre. Three weeks later the blurred vision had improved and I was very inspired by the results. I am also very inspired by other amazing results.

Some of the pain in my joints and my haemorrhoids has also gone away. The sun damage, ageing spots and wrinkles on my skin has greatly improved. I am now feeling and looking younger. I can see a remarkable improvement after three months of using Teviron products.

I can imagine that if I continue to use this product I will continue to experience remarkable improvements to my health and quality of life. I feel like I am in a cocoon of energetic happiness.

Testimony for Knee Joint Pain

Product use: whole set
Kathleen Israel, San Diego, CA 

Have you ever heard of NEFFUL’s Teviron, the amazingfibrer imported from Japan that has a unique capacity of always gaining electrons becoming negatively charged which is beneficial to our health? I am so glad I was introduced to this product and gave myself a chance to accept it.

I had arthritis in my knees. When I used to go to church I couldn’t kneel properly and it would hurt. Now I can kneel easily with no pain. This is so cool!

I bought the underwear and joint supports and bedding. I love to sleep in my Teviron blankets. It is like sleeping in a negative ions spa, so restful and I don’t even snore any more! When I get up in the morning I put on my under garments and my ankle, knee, elbow and wrist supports. During the day the negative ion cloth acts like a sponge, soaking up my positively charged toxins. I wash the clothing before I go to bed to clean the positive ion gunk off of the negative ion fibre and I hang it up to dry.

I didn’t even realize my ankles were uncomfortable. When I put on the ankle supports it feels so good. The same thing happened when I put the hat on. I didn’t realize my ears were uncomfortable. The comfort I feel when my ears are in the hat makes me smile.

Testimony for Gout, Migraines, Rheumatism and Pain from San Fransisco

I’ve heard of and believed in negative ion clothes since almost 30 years ago, however, did not have the capacity for them then. But thankfully have gotten reacquainted with negative ion clothes recently at a seminar 10 September 2017.

Without much thought, I bought three blankets and underwear for myself. I personally have many issues from gout, migraines, rheumatism, and abdominal pains.

After using the negative ion blankets and underwear, in less than 2 months much of the pain gradually disappeared, it’s easier to eat and have an improved appetite. This has been great! Thank God for this amazing product. My advice is not to hesitate, experience the benefits yourself!



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