“Get Ready for High School Chemistry” Summer Bootcamp

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Online live class with Dr. Cristina Gherasim (Get 10 Chemistry Academy)

✔️Access to 4 weeks of live online boot camp “Ready For High School Chemistry” to fill your teens’ knowledge gaps and prepare them for starting high school chemistry next Fall (Two Sessions/week for each subject-Worth $997)

✔️  Weekly Quizzes to boost your teens’ exercising skills and improve their confidence. (Worth $197)

✔️ Guided exercise workbooks and online assignments so that your teens’ learn and exercise effortlessly (Worth $97/subject)

​​Special BONUSES only when joining both “Get Ready for High School Chemistry” and “Pre-Algebra 1” boot camps:

✔️ Final exams for both boot camps (Worth $97)

✔️ Assessment and Student Success Strategy Sessions to discuss the results and provide personalized advice for achieving your teens’ STEM goals (Worth $97)


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