Healing The Shadow

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We all have our shadow self.  The part of us that lurks within the
subconscious and wrecks havoc on our lives if we aren’t actively trying to become aware and bring to light these parts of our shadow.  In this meditation we are specifically looking at the shadows of ourselves that are holding us back from our true erotic expression.  So many things stand in the way of becoming our full sensual nature.  Emotions such as shame, grief, embarrassment, old beliefs, patterns, religion, family paradigm stand in the way of what we want, what we ask for, what we feel we’re deserving of.  We will go right to the heart of the matter with this meditation clearing the blockages that stand in your way.  You will be left with an understanding of what has been holding you back in your sexuality. This meditation can be done over and over again for multiply shadows.

-Fully HD compliant

-Beautiful vocals from Christine Borschneck

-Supra and subliminal frequency infused

-Scales to any device (Pc, Laptop, Mobile)

-Downloadable MP4

-Meditation length 20 minutes



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