Initial Acne Consultation – Personalized Plan Creation (New Client)

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Online meeting with certified acne skin care consultant for 1 hour and 30 minutes.  This initial session is the first step in all of the work we do together.  Our personalized holistic skincare program consult and design begins with uncovering the underlying health and factors on the inside and out that are contributing to your acne and skin health.  We will create a customized plan that includes the following:

  • Discovery of skin history and symptoms
  • Review of current topical acne product ingredients including makeup
  • Review of diet and supplement intake
  • Review of lifestyle triggers and environmental factors
  • Creation of a personalized holistic skin care plan and goals
  • eBook is included 

Follow up sessions are recommended to build the healthy lifestyle adjustments, every 2 weeks until acne is cleared up (up to 3 months total)


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